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Monday, September 26, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

The title of this blog could probably fit under "Seahawks Victory", since it just about sums up what we saw on Sunday. While I'll let Colin throw down his Week 3 thoughts, I believe there are a few good articles worth persuing on Seattle...

- Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson are having their best year as Seahawks. Seriously... these two are annihilating people this year. Perhaps it has to do with Walter not having held out. Whatever the magic formula, opposing defenders haven't stood a chance.

- Steve Kelley (what?) actually has an excellent article about the defense, which has stood up so far this year (and, in my opinion, has been more impressive than last year).

- Shaun Alexander has been the back he never has been, and Darrell Jackson has been a #1 receiver. Pay attention, Ruskell (although I bet he has).

- The Cardinals suck... and next week they get to suck in Mexico.

- Chike Okeafor still won't shut up, after getting trounced by Sean Locklear and making ZERO plays (pretty common occurrence for him). I like all his thoughts about skipping off the field and stuff. Yep, you just got destroyed. Way to be a warrior.

In other news, did anyone watch the President's Cup this weekend? Best golf I've seen in quite some time. The US won while Tiger Woods basically sucked. Fred Couples beats Vijay Singh, and Chris DiMarco is the hero. It was fantastic. I'm not a huge golf fan, but the Ryder Cup and President's Cup are my favorite moments of the golf year.

Has anyone noticed that hockey's about to start? Anyone? Anyone outside of Sports and B's?

I've already seen a couple of articles about how USC's vulnerable now. Personally, I'd rather they write articles about how Autzen Stadium is really tough to play in, and how the Pac-10 is vastly improved, and how USC still dominates them all. But that's wishful thinking. I still believe USC could beat San Francisco, though.

As for the Huskies, I know there are no moral victories, but I've seen enough of the Willingham era to like it. They are competitive, fairly well-coached, and the play calling has improved. I like Lappano's vertical offense. If the defense had even a mediocre secondary, we would have beaten Air Force and been much closer against Notre Dame. Unfortunately, our secondary is abysmal, so wins will continue to be hard to come by.

The M's season is almost over. Yippee. I'll prepare to wait the six months to get my hopes up again and then dashed by June.

Fantasy sports are fun. My football team, carried by Brian Westbrook and Steve Smith, dominated, and my baseball team is winning after a week of our two-week championship bout. Don't care, perhaps? Well, since I don't even know who reads this damn thing... too bad.

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