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Friday, September 02, 2005

Ultimate Explosion

- Apparently I was smoking crack when I first thought about all Peter Warrick can offer, because I should have remembered his punt return capabilities. This is fairly huge (I'm trying hard not to overhype this, but it's difficult). Seattle had by any account a terrible year last season with special teams. Bobby Engram could be counted on to make good decisions (fair catch, let it go, etc) and would always catch the ball. His problem is that he's not athletic enough to make multiple people miss in the open field. So we would get consistent 10+ yard returns, and maybe one touchdown for the year. Peter Warrick has the ability to be a gamebreaking return man. That is neat. I don't have much in the way of expectations for him until game 4 or so in our passing game, though.

- I was at the M's game yesterday and Pineiro really did look good, in fact as everyone (even USSM) has stated, if he could pitch like that every time out we would have the Pineiro of old. What does it come down to? Not "competitiveness" like idiot-manager Mike Hargrove said (whatever the hell that means). It's 7 strikeouts. When Joel is painful-to-watch-Pineiro, batters foul off pitch after pitch before getting one they like. That gets old real fast (see: Ryan Franklin). Pitchers that strike men out have fewer balls put in play, and the percentages are in their favor (see: Felix Hernandez). I'm interested to see how this plays out for the rest of the year from a confidence standpoint. I'd also like to point out that I had a brief conversation with the M's bullpen coach (Jim Slaton, I think his name is) and told him to have Pineiro throw his curve for a strike. So apparently I need to go to more games and remind the M's of this need.

- Our collective hearts break for what's going on down south, and our prayers are with those involved. Hopefully the sports teams can become part of the community and become something people can rally around. I know I'll be a little more of a Saints fan this year. Note to all those using this as a megaphone for crass political statements: Go to Hell.

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