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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Seahawks Final Roster Cuts

Some very interesting moves to finalize the Seahawks roster, including one that was expected by me but still disappointing.

Good Moves:

-- Cutting S Terreal Bierria, who was generally terrible last season, helping us, in a large way, lose the first game against St. Louis. Boulware will play a lot of snaps, and Manuel still improves on Bierria.

-- Waving DT Rashad Moore. You know, he had several good games during his Seahawks career, especially the playoff game against Green Bay. Once again, along with the rest of our defense, he appeared to falter through the second half of last season, allowing teams like Dallas and Atlanta to gash us for long run after long run. He's injured, and doesn't appear to help us in any given way this year.

-- Keeping D.J. Hackett. No new wide receiver impressed me as much as Hackett. He made a few diving catches, got open, and appears to be able to stretch the field, freeing up D. Jack and Engram to do their job.

-- Keeping FB Leonard Weaver. That guy was a beast this preseason. Give him the fricking ball on 3rd and 1. He SHOULD be able to get that final yard, unlike a certain franchise player.

Moves That Sadden Me:

-- Cutting Jerome Pathon over Jerheme Urban. Urban must have a special place in the heart of Mike Holmgren, because he had a real case of the dropsies this preseason, while Pathon, not flashy, just got the job done. Heck, we kept SEVEN wide-receivers, we could have kept Pathon.

-- Cutting Tracy White over Isaiah Kacyvenski. This isn't a hard one to explain. Anyone who watched Kacyvenski try to blitz last year understands that he might be the worst blitzer of all time. Of course, he was also horrible in zone coverage, which basically meant that he was WORTHLESS as a middle linebacker. Again, he plays hard, but he has NO, ZERO, ZILCH skill to play in the National Football League.

-- Cutting Kerry Carter AND Marquis Weeks over a wide-receiver (Urban). We don't need seven wide-receivers. Honestly. There is no need. Kerry Carter has impressed in previous preseasons, and would have been a valuable backup in reserve.

-- Having to keep at least one horrible DE because we have no depth. Who is this Alain Kashama guy? Does anyone think he is a quality backup? I liked the play of Joe Tafoya, I guess, but he isn't going to rock most quality NFL tackles. Face it. We need to go out and get Hugh Douglas, who was just cut by the Eagles.

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