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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Scientific Method, Week 4

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I actually dreamed about the Seahawks and the Redskins last night.

How did I know it was a dream? It was in the second quarter, and the score was tied.

At 41-41.

Yeah. Like hell Washington will score 41 points in a game this season.

Anyhoo, one aspect of science is the existence of the mean, the middle ground where everything falls back into. In that mindset, I (intelligently) (on purpose) (magically) (by pure luck) have exactly hit the mean after three weeks, reaching the wonderful, mediocre, absolute middle that, in my opinion, validates everything that IS science.

Record so far: 23-23

Week 4! Yee-haw!


Houston at Cincinnati
Hypothesis: New offenses take over 1 week to gel
So, does anyone really think that firing the offensive coordinator at Houston will suddenly make that offensive line any good? Anyone? I feel bad for Houston, because they are wasting Carr, David, and Johnson by having that travesty of a line. On the other side, Cincinnati toughed out a win over the Bears. I'm still not on the bandwagon, but I have to admit, they are better then Houston.
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati

Indianapolis at Tennessee

Hypothesis: Exceptional quarterbacks will have at least ONE exceptional game within the first four weeks
I'm reusing my Indy hypothesis from last week (slightly revised), because it has to be true. This is Peyton Manning. Not Eli Manning. Not Trent Dilfer. Peyton Manning. In his prime. With a balanced offense. And exceptional wide receivers. I know there is a 3 or 4 touchdown game just building up inside of him. Unfortunately for Tennessee, they get to take the brunt of it, even with a surprisignly semi-effective offense led by a semi-resurgent Steve McNair.
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis

San Diego at New England
Hypothesis: At some point, injuries HAVE to take a toll on a team
When have injuries ever mattered to New England? They lose Ty Law for the season, stick in EarthwindFire and Troy Brown, and win the Super Bowl. However, this season they have lost two of the three most prominent members of their defense in Bruschi and Harrison. Those were run-stoppers, by the way, and San Diego woke up last week and realized that they needed to give LT the ball every play and stop letting Drew Brees be in charge all the time. This is a semi-upset, but I feel semi-confident about this one.
Scientific Pick: San Diego

Buffalo at New Orleans

Hypothesis: Never go with the team who is continually whining
New Orleans. I understand that you were screwed this season. But it was by Katrina, not the NFL. By whining about this stuff every week, you miss the fact that YOU GUYS are losing those games by playing terrible football. You turn the ball over, Aaron Brooks is consistently playing inconsistently, Deuce isn't getting the ball enough, and that defense is horrible. Meanwhile, if Buffalo can just give the ball to McGahee, they should be able to "run" away with this game early and hold on towards the end.
Scientific Pick: Buffalo

St. Louis at NY Giants
Hypothesis: Never bet on Mike Martz on the road
Is there a worse road coach then Mike Martz (except when he's in Seattle)? You can guarantee that he will blow all of his timeouts by the end of the third quarter, forget about the running game by the middle of the second quarter, and allow Bulger to get absolutely rocked at least five times by the end of the game. Now, the Giants will be without one of their top corners, so expect the Rams to be licking their chops about that, and the weak secondary might cause the Rams to win this game. Talent-wise, they should win this game. Fortunately, talent has never meant anything in the Mike Martz era.
Scientific Pick: NY Giants

Detroit at Tampa Bay

Hypothesis: Keep going with the hot hand until it starts to cool down
The hot hand? Cadillac Williams, who is on fire right now. I misjudged this team because, in large part, I misjudged just how good Cadillac was going to be. Brian Griese has ZERO pressure right now. He knows he just needs to score about 17 points a game to win, because that defense is playing special once again. Can Joey Harrington figure out that defense? Absolutely. Not. And when has Detroit's defense been solid against the run?
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay

Seattle at Washington

Hypothesis: There exists a house of horrors for every NFL team
The Seahawks actually have two. Washington and St. Louis. They just seem to find ways to lose those game. Listen. I realize we should win. We have the better talent. Washington's offense is ridiculous, only scoring touchdowns on long passes to Santana Moss. Mark Brunell is way past his expiration date. There is no reason that we should lose this game. Unfortunately, I expect us to find a reason, whether it is allowing too much of a pass rush, or not being able to run the football, or allowing Clinton Portis to run wild..... that's the thing about the Seahawks. They find a way.
Scientific Pick: Washington

Denver at Jacksonville
Hypothesis: Count on inconsistent teams remaining inconsistent
I give you.... the Denver Broncos, who played out of their minds against Kansas City, and are due to play absolutely horribly against Jacksonville on Sunday. You really think Mike Anderson is going to run wild against the Jags defense? You really think Jake Plummer is going to have time to throw? You really think that Mike Shanahan isn't going to overanalyze something and screw up? Jacksonville should easily take this game.
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville

NY Jets at Baltimore
Hypothesis: In a battle of zero offense, go with the better defense
Wow. If this game, God forbid, is on my TV, I am watching the Oxygen network or something. Brooks Bollinger against Anthony Wright? Is there a genetic disability in this world that prevents more then 20 individuals to grow up and become outstanding quarterbacks? What is this? This is America! I demand more quarterbacks, so I don't have to watch these two bozos fight it out! By the way, Baltimore is winless and extremely pissed going into this game. I wouldn't be surprised if Ray Lewis has 25 tackles by the third quarter.
Scientific Pick: Baltimore

Minnesota at Atlanta
Hypothesis: There will be one upset a week
This is my upset. I think that Kevin Williams will hinder the potent running attack of the Falcons. I can't see Mike Vick looking like a pocket-passer two weeks in a row. Daunte is back, and ready to prove some critics wrong. Minnesota will be coming into this game with a TON to prove, and I just see them getting it done. Plus.... I think the Falcons are overrated.
Scientific Pick: Minnesota

Philadelphia at Kansas City
Hypothesis: Injuries can transform good players into great players
Anyone remember Steve McNair's best seasons? He was always playing on one leg, or with bruised ribs, or with a catheter sticking out of him. And it seemed like he played better, to the point that I'm sure that some Titans lineman quit blocking at the beginning of the season so he WOULD get injured and start playing awesome. No team looked as disappointing as the Chiefs last week. The Eagles have the speed to continue to hinder the KC offense, who still don't look like they are entirely clicking. Tony Gonzalez has been a non-factor this season. I should know. He's on my fantasy team, and he's one large reason that I'm 1-2.
Scientific Pick: Philadelphia

Dallas at Oakland

Hypothesis: In games where I hate both teams, go with the team I hate
I don't know if there are two franchises I detest more then these two. Oakland? Always hated them, and now they have Sapp and Moss. Dallas? Always hated them, and now they have Bledsoe and Parcells. Who to choose? Who to choose?
Scientific Pick: Oakland

San Francisco at Mexico (I mean, Arizona)
Some game simply deserve a big laugh, because they are laughers, and, laughably, this game is supposed to convince Mexicans to become fans of the NFL. They will be watching Josh McCown and Tim Rattay throw the football. They will be watching Kevan Barlow and Marcel Shipp run the football. I mean, I kinda want to write an apology note to Mexico right now, telling them that this really doesn't symbolize America or the NFL, and that they should turn on the Philly/KC game if they want to see some action.
Scientific Pick: Arizona


Green Bay at Carolina
Hypothesis: Great players always have one last stand
This is where I think Brett Favre is. One game. Prime Time. On the road. Everyone is saying he's done. He's going up against a superior team in virtually all aspects. His running game has been terrible. His offensive line has yet to gel. His defense has yet to hold someone on a 3rd down play. He's ready to go off.
Scientific Pick: Green Bay

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