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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Scientific Method: Week 2


You might have thought that I would have given up hope in the scientific method after my pasting last week, but.... no. I am still proud of the method, and know that the right answers are just a few days away. Let the science commence!

Detroit at Chicago
Hypothesis: You can't expect a team to overperform two weeks in a row
Saying Detroit overperformed might be a bit generous, but they did not take advantage of a below-average Green Bay defense, and that hyped wide-receiver corps was simply average. Meanwhile, Kyle Orton had a solid, if not spectacular, Week 1, and that Chicago D might turn dominant before the season is over.
Scientific Pick: Chicago

Minnesota at Cincinnati
Hypothesis: Good teams don't turn horrible overnight
No team besides the Jets has more to prove in Week 2. No player besides Manning has more to prove than Daunte Culpepper. Is he going to sink back down to his 2003 levels, or is he ready to consistently be an elite quarterback WITHOUT Randy Moss? Personally, I can't turn on him quite yet. While Cincinatti seems like they are still improving, I have to pick Minnesota here.
Scientific Pick: Minnesota

Baltimore at Tennessee
Hypothesis: Mediocre offense beats mediocre offense when they also have an outstanding defense
Tennessee looked decent for about five minutes, and then it all went downhill. I expect Fisher to pull this team together by the end of the season, but not now. Meanwhile, Baltimore's defense will come into this game extremely mad. I'd be surprised if the winning team scored more then 13 points, but turnovers and the running of Lewis will decide this game. However, if you see this game on your television, change the channel immediately. I don't care if "Rugrats" is the only other thing on. Change the channel.
Scientific Pick: Baltimore

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Hypothesis: Sometimes you have to go with who needs this game more
Every game for Indianapolis matters this season, because they NEED home field advantage. If they have to go to New England to play a playoff game, they are done. If New England has to come to Indy, they have a shot. Expect this team to be on a mission every week. Jacksonville might have a shot at home later in the season, but not now.
Scientific Pick: Indinapolis

San Francisco at Philadelphia

Hypothesis: An injured quarterback REALLY hinders a team's capability
Even if McNabb does play, his gamebreaking capability was gone by the middle of the 1st quarter against Atlanta. He became a pocket-passer, turning into more of a Drew Bledsoe then a Steve Young. San Fran has the linebackers to hinder Brian Westbrook, leaving the secondary free to double and triple team Terrell Owens. On the flip side, the 49ers might be able to run on the Philly "D". Am I actually picking the 49ers two weeks in a row? Yes.
Scientific Pick: San Francisco

Buffalo at Tampa Bay
Hypothesis: When in doubt, pick against Brian Griese.
Buffalo is my dark horse team this year, and they showed why in Week 1, completely destroying Houston behind that defense and Willis McGahee. Tampa Bay is coming off a huge win, and Cadillac showed a nice motor in Week 1. If Losman continues being solid and the Buffalo defense turns in another dominant performance, this game could not be close. Besides, it just makes me feel dirty to pick for Brian Griese. I shiver.
Scientific Pick: Buffalo

New England at Carolina

Hypothesis: Until the champion is dethroned, they are still the champion
Did you see any reason to pick against New England last week? Sure, they let Randy Moss catch a few deep balls, but who doesn't? Tom Brady looked unstoppable, and Corey Dillon is the perfect yin to Brady's yang. If anything, it did seem like the running defense might be a little porous, but it remains to be seen if Stephen Davis can take advantage. Carolina will be playing hard after a devastating home loss to New Orleans, but John Fox might have to deal with a tough start to the season once again, especially after losing Kris Jenkins for the season.
Scientific Pick: New England

Pittsburgh at Houston

Hypothesis: An awesome defense rules an overly conservative offense
You might remember this hypothesis from Houston's game LAST week against Buffalo. Well, it was true then, and, unless Capers switches things around, it will happen again. Big Ben's injury just doesn't matter as much, since Pittsburgh's entire offense goes through the running game and Willie Parker turned into the second coming of our Lord and Savior last week. Meanwhile, David Carr better wake up, because his NFL career might be coming to an end. Soon.
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh

St. Louis at Arizona

Hypothesis: Bad road teams play, well, bad on the road
Why do I feel like Arizona played better then St. Louis last week even though they gave up 42 points to the Giants? Maybe it was the fact that Larry Fitzgerald looks unstoppable, while St. Louis looks worse then last year. I mean, that defense! Wow. Arizona played immensely well at home last year, and their defense should step up.
Scientific Pick: Arizona

Atlanta at Seattle
Hypothesis: Good quarterbacks can't play like crap two weeks in a row
Well, Atlanta looked basically the same last week as it did last year. They will pound you with their running attack, pressure you with a blitzing defense, and hope that you don't take advantage of their single-coverage or contain Michael Vick and Warrick Dunn. Lofa Tatupu better get real good, real fast, while Hasselback simply has to play better and Alexander has to be given the ball. Can it happen? Optimism says "yes", but I won't be surprised if this turns out differently.
Scientific Pick: Seattle

San Diego at Denver
Hypothesis: Bad coaching will be found out. It might take years, but it will be found out.
Mike Shanahan is done. He just doesn't know it yet. That loss to Miami might have been his worst loss of his Denver career, after he massively overhauled the defense, entrusted his offense to Jake Plummer, traded Clinton Portis last year, lost his offensive line guru to Atlanta..... he's done. San Diego is a better team in all facets of the game, and it will show.
Scientific Pick: San Diego

Cleveland at Green Bay
Hypothesis: See above. Good quarterbacks can't play like crap two weeks in a row
Romeo Crennel will make a difference in Cleveland, but miracles don't happen overnight. It takes at least six weeks to do that. Brett Favre was terrible, and won't be that bad against a shoddy Cleveland defense. This shouldn't be close.
Scientific Pick: Green Bay

Miami at Jets
Hypothesis: The NFL has one great upset a week.
No team has more to prove then the Jets. They will enter this game firing on all cylinders. Their defense was exposed. Pennington had the worst week of any quarterback. Martin looked old. Surely they will rock Miami, right? Well, that would make sense, but sometimes the NFL doesn't make sense. Nick Saban looks like he has put some confidence into these players. They looked way better then they looked at any time last year in the game against Denver. So, why not go out on a limb?
Scientific Pick: Miami

Kansas City at Oakland
Hypothesis: A great offense rocks a horrible defense
No team looked better in Week 1 then Kansas City. Their defense looked massively improved, while the offense was already in prime condition with the added weapon of Larry Johnson. Oakland, on the other hand, might have the worst defense in the NFL. Warren Sapp is absolutely past his prime, and even Woodson looked like he'd lost a step.... or three.
Scientific Pick: Kansas City

New Orleans at Giants
(yes, I know it's supposed to be the other way, but the game is at the Meadowlands)
Hypothesis: When do emotions existing on overload run out? Soon.
New Orleans had the best win of Week 1 for obvious reasons. They played entirely all-out, Aaron Brooks played like he doesn't suck, and Carolina played too conservatively, keeping New Orleans in the game until that final drive. Meanwhile, the Giants played WAY above their heads in trouncing Arizona. Tiki Barber should have another great game, but expect a decline in every other facet of the Giants, including Eli Manning.
Scientific Pick: New Orleans

Washington at Dallas (why in the world is this worth a Monday night game?)
Hypothesis: A radical quarterback move one week into a season never works.
A boring game deserves a boring prediction.
Scientific Pick: Dallas

Scientific Record: 7-8

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