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Monday, September 26, 2005

One Week to Go!

Even though the M's are completely done, there is still plenty to hold one's interest in the playoff chases. Let's take a look at the finalists...

National League:

NL East: Atlanta - the Braves have proven idiots like me wrong again
NL Central: St Louis - questions about Chris Carpenter dog the Cardinals
NL West: San Diego, San Francisco - San Fran is four games out as they enter a critical four game series at San Diego. I wouldn't be that excited if I was a Giants fan. This is not a good team. As for the Padres, come on... make it to .500.

Wild Card: Houston, Philadelphia (1 game back) - Houston doesn't know if Roger Clemens will make a start for them as they play St Louis and Chicago. Those are two tough series, and Houston's offense is again scuffling. Philly played some wierd games last week (like that Dontrelle Wills one where they scored 10 in the 9th after being shut out to that point) and close up against the Mets and the Nationals, two teams who are not playing for anything. I think Philly may end up pulling this one out...

That leaves us with these matchups:
St. Louis vs Philadelphia
Atlanta vs San Diego

American League:
This is where the fun really starts...

AL East: New York, Boston (tied) - New York plays at Baltimore, Boston is home against Toronto. The final series is at Fenway. Advantage: Boston. Still, the Yankees get Mussina and Johnson, while Boston isn't sure what they get any time out. The Yankees are playing with a lot more confidence offensively and, while it pains me to say it, will take this division from the Red Sox.

AL Central: Chicago, Cleveland (2.5 games back) - Chicago is at Detroit and Cleveland hosts Tampa Bay before hosting the Sox. Advantage: Cleveland. Still, Tampa has played much better after the All-Star break and Detroit has collapsed. 2.5 games is a lot to make up in one week. My best guess is that Chicago will pull this one out by one game.

AL West: Anaheim, Oakland (four games back) - Crucial four game series begins today at Oakland. Oakland has to sweep to have a chance. Anaheim is smoking hot and will take at least two. Game, set, match.

Wild Card: Cleveland, Boston, New York - Cleveland holds a slim .5 game lead on the AL East contenders. If they take care of business as they should in Tampa Bay, they take this. Sure is difficult to imagine the postseason without one of the Beasts, but I'm going to call it, if only because it would make my heart glad.

That leaves us with these matchups:
New York vs Cleveland
Chicago vs Anaheim

Watch! Love! Cry! Cheer against the Red Sox and Yankees!

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