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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

NFL Week 3 In Review

So the Scientific Method showed up this week, which sucks for the normal amount of sarcasm and cynicism which I try to spread with these posts. Back to it next week, as Colin has now caught up to the statistical mean and is ready for a fall.

Oakland 20 at Philadelphia 23

Scientific Pick: Philadelphia
I actually thought Oakland might pull this out, but they fall to 0-3 in their gauntlet of an opening schedule (seriously, New England, Kansas City, Philly? Why not add the Justice League?) Donovan McNabb is hurt, and his lack of mobility will seriously hamper the Eagles' offensive attack. This was not an impressive win. Shame on Andy Reid not suiting up another kicker. What a moronic move.

Cleveland 6 at Indianapolis 13
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
Anyone want to explain to me where Peyton Manning has gone? Anyone? Two touchdowns in three weeks? Before people continue to rave about Indy's defense, let's be honest. They've played Baltimore (terrible offense), Jacksonville (mediocre offense) and Cleveland (mediocre offense). After they play an offense with actual playmaking ability get back to me.

Tampa Bay 17 at Green Bay 16
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay
I was surprised at this outcome, because Tampa Bay's been a little too good, and Green Bay's been a little too bad. Brett Favre again has a subpar effort, letting Derrick Brooks and company fluster him into bad throws. Where is Ahman Green? As for the Bucs, they have to be considered a legitimate contender. 3-0 teams make the playoffs.

Cincinnati 24 at Chicago 7
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati
So Chicago's going to be one of THOSE teams, I see. One week look like world beaters and the next look like an intramural team. I suppose that's what happens when you're that young. I thought they would have a slightly better effort against Cincinatti, who are getting pretty darn lucky with some of those picks. The Bengals are my "overconfident" team of the year, ala the Hawks last year. Too many holes to be considered elite. Still, 3-0 is 3-0.

Atlanta 24 at Buffalo 16
Scientific Pick: Buffalo
This outcome surprised me as well (hint: I would have done terribly picking this week's games). With the way our defense controlled the Falcons, I figured the Bills would have no problem. Does that mean we're better than we think? Perhaps. JP Losman still has a long way to go. They need to open up the offense or they're going to have another Kyle Boller on their hands. Eric Moulds and Lee Evans are good receivers. Give them a chance.

Tennessee 27 at St. Louis 31
Scientific Pick: St. Louis
The darn Titans should have taken this one, as the Rams for the second week in a row escaped with a win they shouldn't have had. The Rams are definitely my pick of worst 2-1 team in the league. Too many mistakes, getting away from Stephen Jackson ALREADY, allowing Marc Bulger to get hammered. How does Mike Martz survive in this league? Good job Jeff Fisher for getting the Titans to the "competitive"point. Still have a long way to go.

Jacksonville 26 at Jets 20
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville
This game shouldn't even have been that close, with Chad Pennington playing with a season-ending injury. That the Jets scored 20 is a miracle. Now they'll work at riding Brooks Bollinger to a 4-12 record. Jacksonville keeps on being competitive and right now... are playing better than the Colts. There, I said it.

New Orleans 16 at Minnesota 33
Hypothesis: Never believe that teams are done in Week 2
Scientific Pick: Minnesota
Colin always has a couple of Hypothesis which are right on. This is one of them. The Vikings were far too talented to be 0-3. This was one of the easiest picks of the week. They simply couldn't play worse than they had the first two games. New Orleans is already looking tired and ready for the offseason. Can't blame them. Tough position. Hopefully those same pundits won't start calling the Vikings the NFC favorites again.

Carolina 24 at Miami 27
Scientific Pick: Carolina
Ummm... let's speak for America here... WHO ARE THE PANTHERS??? Losses to the Saints and the Dolphins and one impressive win over the best team in the league. What is this? How does this happen? John Fox needs to instill some discipline back into his lineup which is sorely lacking right now. Steve Smith is great, but Keary Colbert needs to be used more effectively. Where is the vaunted running game? Why the heck are the Dolphins 2-1? How many "Behind the Genius" shows are there going to be about Nick Saban? A little history here... the Dolphins ALWAYS start well, and ALWAYS fade. This defense is old and will show it soon.

Arizona 12 at Seattle 37
Scientific Pick: Seattle
Memo to idiot pundits who picked the Cardinals -
Dear Losers:

Dallas 34 at San Francisco 31
Scientific Pick: San Francisco
Alright, so Colin apparently thinks the 49ers should be 3-0. Apparently he is simply incapable of acknowleding that this team blows. Let's get a jump on the week 4 "Scientific" Method. San Francisco versus Arizona... I have to pick one upset a week. San Francisco by 80. Actually, this isn't a good example. I think SF will beat Arizona. Damn. Anyways, Dallas has some serious secondary issues. First the Redskins, now the 49ers. Just throw the ball deep.

New England 23 at Pittsburgh 20
Scientific Pick: New England
Never, never pick the Patriots to be 1-2. That, if anything, should have convinced anyone to pick New England on Sunday. This one was never in doubt. Ben Roethlisberger still has a long way to go in being a pocket passer. Their offense misses Plaxico Burress. The Patriots will really miss Rodney Harrison, the Tedy Bruschi of the secondary. You cannot overstate the significance of that loss. All in all, an impressive victory for the Pats.

Giants 23 at San Diego 45
Scientific Pick: San Diego
The second easiest pick this week. The Giants had overachieved. The Chargers were not going to be 0-3 in front of the home crowd. LT had an absurd week, one of the best individual efforts I've seen in a while, and one that sent Colin to a shattering fantasy loss. Eli Manning is already overrated in his second year. Looked bad while putting up good numbers.

Kansas City 10 at Denver 30

Scientific Pick: Kansas City
How in God's name did Denver play that well? I suppose it's one of the things I love about the NFL, because any team really can win any day. But dominate one of the top five teams in the NFL? I suppose KC's defense was in for its yearly rude awakening, but Trent Green looked awful. Where the heck was Tony Gonzalez? Throw your best receiver the ball, for crying out loud! The Chiefs looked like they really missed Willie Roaf on their offensive line, which couldn't stop anyone, especially Trevor Pryce.

Scientific Method: 10-4
An excellent effort. Go statistics!

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