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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

NFL Week 2 In Review

Well, the Scientific Method didn't show up this week. Thankfully the Hawks did. The following will contain a few cutting remarks. All those with a weak stomach should probably read something else.

On to the recap...

Detroit 6 at Chicago 38
Scientific Pick: Chicago
Colin got this one right, but I'm going to jump on a limb and guess that he didn't quite expect to be THAT right. This game wasn't even close and is a good example of how everything can go quickly wrong. Joey Harrington was abysmal, Detroit's vaunted passing attack hasn't shown up yet. Thomas Jones is holding off Cedric Benson rather easily at this point, and Kyle Orton might be this year's Ben Roethlisberger. Frankly, if I was a Bears fan, I'd be thinking division title right now. Green Bay? Minnesota? All beatable apparently. Very interesting result.

Minnesota 8 at Cincinnati 37
Hypothesis: Good teams don't turn horrible overnight
Scientific Pick: Minnesota
While I would love to pick on Colin here, I'm including his Hypothesis because I just don't understand this result. I honestly felt the Vikings were way better than this. Yes, Nate Burleson isn't Randy Moss, and yes, the jump from #2 to #1 is huge (as I wrote in the preview), but this team still had way too many weapons not to be fairly consistent. On the flip side, Cincy's offense looks very powerful. If Carson Palmer is the real deal like he's showing this is a team that could have 10 wins.

Baltimore 10 at Tennessee 25
Scientific Pick: Baltimore
Another baffling performance by Baltimore. They just look lost. That vaunted defense isn't stopping anyone, including a weak sauce Titans attack. The offense just looks pathetic. Where the heck is Jamal Lewis? 10 yards? Is this Bizarro World? Who's taken over his system? I honestly thought Anthony Wright would help, because he was good a couple of years ago. Apparently I was mistaken. This is a huge 0-2 surprise. On the other side, congrats to Jeff Fisher for getting an inspired performance from his team. They will have highs and lows, but it is always nice to get that first win.

Jacksonville 3 at Indianapolis 10
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
I have to be honest, if you would have told me Indy scored ten points, I would have guessed that the Jags would have pulled the upset. If Manning had his worst passing game since his rookie year, I would have guessed the Jags would have pulled the upset. However, Indy's defense is pulling an 04 Hawks right now and blowing everyone away. I'll need to see it for a while, because I don't think they're that good. I hope Byron Leftwich is okay... outside of Steve McNair and Brett Favre, he is the toughest QB in the league.

San Francisco 3 at Philadelphia 42
Scientific Pick: San Francisco
(Deep Breath) What in the blazes was Colin doing picking the 49ers two weeks in a row against quality opponents? The 49ers at Philly? In Philly's home opener? What? That's not Scientific, that's Madness. Let's remember (since Colin thought SF might be able to run well) that Jeremiah Trotter was ejected from the Atlanta game. He was back, and pissed. Terrell Owens always plays better motivated. He was there, and pissed. The whole Eagles team was embarrassed on Monday Night Football, were there, and were pissed. San Francisco didn't have a chance. Yes, they really are that bad.

Buffalo 3 at Tampa Bay 19
Scientific Pick: Buffalo
Here's my Scientific Pick, never pick the Tampa Bay defense to have a down year until they do. Seriously, every year I think these guys are going to suck, and every year they are flat out dominant. Monte Kiffin is a genius. They made JP Losman look like Ryan Leaf in the pocket, stuffed McGahee, and scored enough to win. If I was a Bucs fan, I'd be pretty excited about Cadillac Williams, and I'd be laughing at the Dolphins for choosing his backup at Auburn before him.

New England 17 at Carolina 27
Scientific Pick: New England
I actually think Colin missed the ball with this one. Sure, it's hard as anything to pick against New England, but the defense showed in Week One that you could move the ball on them, and Carolina was REALLY hyped up for this. I don't believe the Patriots were ready for the level of intensity. Carolina needed this game for many reasons and played like it. The biggest question mark for NE has to revolve around their special teams... they have been terrible the first two weeks.

Pittsburgh 27 at Houston 7
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh
Houston's offensive coordinator was fired after this game, which should tell you all you need to know about that "7" by Houston. The playcalling was ineffective and the execution lousy. Pittsburgh's defense could have played with their second-string and the results would have been the same. Houston desperately needs a blast of creativity, otherwise they are going to struggle to win 6 games this year. As for Pittsburgh, they still are my pick to represent the Super Bowl in the AFC, and they have done nothing to prove me wrong so far.

St. Louis 17 at Arizona 12
Scientific Pick: Arizona
The Rams got unlucky last week in settling for field goals, and got lucky this week in forcing Arizona to settle for field goals. Don't let the "12" fool you, St Louis couldn't stop Arizona well at all, and the offense had a second straight poor week, although at least Martz let Stephen Jackson be a feature back. The Cardinals are making my heart smile with their ineffective line play. The defense is still good, but not world beater with the offseason power of Orlando Huff.

Atlanta 18 at Seattle 21
Scientific Pick: Seattle
(Heart barely resumes beating at normal pace)

San Diego 17 at Denver 20
Scientific Pick: San Diego
Think San Diego is regretting suspending Antonio Gates for preseason and last week? I would call that a "backfire". Now a team I picked to win the AL West is 0-2. What went wrong? Opportunities missed. You have to put a team away when winning at halftime, especially on the road. San Diego didn't, Drew Brees threw that pick to Champ Bailey, and the rest is history. The Broncos still look terrible, by the way, and if they think Ron Dayne is a savior they are more lost than I'd thought.

Cleveland 26 at Green Bay 24
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
Again, I should pick on Colin but I just can't. Green Bay was going to be bad, but I didn't think "lose to the Browns at Lambeau" bad. Where has Ahman Green been? Where has Favre's consistency been? This is a rudderless team right now. Mike Sherman might not last two more weeks. Congrats to Romeo Crennel and Trent Dilfer for a solid first win. Don't expect many more this season.

Miami 7 at Jets 17
Scientific Pick: Miami
Colin, do you realize that you picked San Francisco and Miami to start 2-0? SF and Miami? What? Let's play some percentages, man! Do you realize you picked them both to start 2-0 ON THE ROAD IN HOME OPENERS? Here's my second attempt at a Scientific Method... Colin's upset specials, or a monkey throwing feces at a dartboard. Still, the punk almost got this one right. It took the Jets a long 4th quarter drive to put this one away. I figure they have a long way to go offensively... Paul Hackett might not have been the problem.

Kansas City 23 at Oakland 17
Scientific Pick: Kansas City
This was a fantastic game, by the way, and if you missed it, too bad for you. I really like both of these teams, especially since both defenses are slightly better than I'd expected. I still say that the AL West is the best division in the game. Oakland's going to win a few games this year. Randy Moss is simply a weapon and Kerry Collins is the perfect quarterback to use it. For KC, Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes are going to be unstoppable. Colin's pick of them as AFC Champions is still looking pretty darn good as well.

New Orleans 10 at Giants 27 (yes, I know it's supposed to be the other way, but the game is at the Meadowlands)
Scientific Pick: New Orleans
I don't understand why Colin picked the Saints after his Hypothesis proved the opposite result. Teams running on emotion overload cannot sustain. That happened to New Orleans this week. They kept it close for a bit and then just ran out of steam. Jim Haslett is going to have to try and control their emotion better to create consistency, although that word has never described the Saints under his watch. The Giants are going to be overrated after these two big wins. I repeat, the Giants are going to be overrated after these two big wins.

Washington 14 at Dallas 13 (why in the world is this worth a Monday night game?)
Scientific Pick: Dallas
Man, I'll tell you what, this game sucked through three and a half quarters. Boring football, no doubt about it. And the final half quarter was insanely good football. Washington converts TWO fourth downs, including a 4th-15 50 yard TD pass to Santana Moss, stops Dallas, and throws ANOTHER 50+ yd pass to Moss. Tremendous to watch. What a great comeback, and what a great comeback to watch happen to a team not named Seattle.

Final Scientific Total: 5-11
Not a great week for the Great Prognosticator. I wouldn't call his toll-free line until he gets his mojo back.

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