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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NFL Week 1 In Review

This is where I get to second guess Colin each and every week. Good times will be had by all.

Oakland 20 at New England 30
Scientific Pick: New England
Colin got off to a good start last week with a really easy pick. No way could Oakland's piecemeal defense beat the Patriots on the road. Tom Brady, Corey Dillon, and Deion Branch looked consistent and powerful. The real story of this game was the Raider offense. Kerry Collins looked poised while tossing three touchdowns, Lamont Jordan moved the ball effectively on the ground, and Randy Moss was a playmaker. If Joey Porter had been fully healthy, there might have been another TD for sure, and then Janikowski did miss one makeable field goal. Still, at the end of the day, yet again the Patriots did what they had to do, and I can't make a judgment on their defense after one week (did that last year after they played the Colts and see where that got me).

Denver 10 at Miami 34
Scientific Pick: Denver
I would love to laugh at Colin for this pick, but frankly Denver should be flat out ashamed of themselves. There is absolutely no way that a talented team like the Broncos should have it handed to them like that, even on the road. Miami is a bad football team, and their fans shouldn't be starting to talk playoffs yet. At the very least, Gus Frerotte will be a quality QB for the Dolphins. Denver needs a lot of help, that rushing attack was anemic, and Jake "MVP" Plummer missed about 15 open receivers.

Cincinatti 27 at Cleveland 13
Scientific Pick: Cincinatti
Trent Dilfer did have a decent game (over 200 yards passing), but Cleveland is simply not a great football team. GM Phil Savage and coach Romeo Crennel can start something, but it will take more than this year to turn around this particular train wreck. Cincy should be very pleased especially with their offense. WR Chad Johnson and QB Carson Palmer look to be in midseason form already, and RB Rudi Johnson has developed into a top ten NFL running back. This is the team that will continually play hard, but needs to go up against a better squad than the Browns to really see what they have.

Houston 7 at Buffalo 22
Hypothesis: Great defenses tear away at conservative offenses.
Scientific Pick: Buffalo
To give Colin some additional credit, I've kept his Hypothesis, because it was right on. Houston tried to dink and dunk their way down the field and Buffalo would have none of it. The result was a fairly boring game, with Buffalo managing a couple of scores to pull it out. JP Losman needs to improve quite a bit for Buffalo to be competitive with the upper echelon of teams, but the defense is pretty darn good.

Tennessee 7 at Pittsburgh 34
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh
It is most definitely going to take longer for Tennessee to gel. They are young and completely looked lost against a Pittsburgh team that I've picked as the Super Bowl champions. I think the Titans will surprise some people by the end of the season, but their week one performance has to go down as one of the worst. From Pittsburgh's standpoint, not much could have gone better. We'll see how they do against a real opponent.

Chicago 7 at Washington 9
Scientific Pick: Washington
I refuse to dignify this game with a recap. I had hoped these two teams would be watchable this season. I was wrong.

New Orleans 23 at Carolina 20
Scientific Pick: Carolina
After a good run, Colin dropped a pick. This is one of the string of NFC champion picks who lost in week one. Does that mean the NFC is that weak? Probably. New Orleans played hard for 60 minutes and was rewarded with a great win. Look for them to have a significant hiccup in week two. As for Carolina, they have to be pretty darn excited about the performance of Steve Smith, who looked ready to reestablish himself into the upper echelon of wide receivers. Carolina didn't lose this game so much as New Orleans won it. Such is the NFL at times.

Tampa Bay 24 at Minnesota 13
Scientific Pick: Minnesota
Again, Colin goes down on a game that I can't fathom the outcome. How in the world could Daunte Culpepper be that bad? How does that Viking offense not score a touchdown all game? How does that supposedly renewed and regenerated defense let Brian Griese and assorted rookies make them look like the same ol' club? Now, for the second one, I can gloat a little, since I haven't thought they were all that overall anyways. Still, this should not have turned out this way. A good reason not to jump to conclusions in week one (outside of the defense).

Seattle 14 at Jacksonville 26
Scientific Pick: Seattle
I'm still not sure why Colin picked Seattle in this one. Our defense needs time to gel. Thjeir defense is top-ten. Our offense needs until week four to start its engine. This wasn't an unexpected loss, although difficult. Not a great pick by the Scientist.

N.Y. Jets 7 at Kansas City 27
Scientific Pick: Kansas City
This had to have been a worst case scenario game for the Jets. Pennington sucked. Curtis Martin looked old. The offensive line made the Chiefs defense look good. The Jets defense got burned by KC. All around poor performance. Kansas City, on the other hand, looked like the team Colin predicted them to be, competitors for the AFC championship. If Larry Johnson can overcome his recent legal problems, they are going to be incredibly deep and incredibly powerful. This is not a team anyone should want to play.

Arizona 19 at N.Y. Giants 42
Scientific Pick: Arizona
(sound of all those preseason prognosticators) "What the BLEEP?"
(sound of logical reasoning) "That's what we were saying about you!"
Welcome back to the land of reality, where a crappy offensive line and mediocre defense caught up to the Cardinals. Next up, mediocrity.

St. Louis 25 at San Francisco 28
Scientific Pick: San Francisco
Nothing here but massive props to the Hess, because I sure wouldn't have made this pick. Still, it doesn't surprise me. After all, these are the same Rams that lost to Miami last year, so they are more than capable of throwing up stinkers on the road. Mike Martz called a crappy game again and got burned for it. All those who picked Stephen Jackson as their lead fantasy back can officially get trashed on listerine.

Green Bay 3 at Detroit 17
Hypothesis: The great ones remind us why they are great
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
I'm keeping Colin's hypothesis in this time to acknowledge that he can be that bad after being that good. Brett Favre more reminded us that he is old than powerful, singlehandedly losing that game to Detroit. I did watch this game, and have to say that the playcalling all around was flat out abysmal. How in God's name did Joey Harrington not get the ball to these wide receivers all game? How in God's name did Ahman Green not get 15 more carries? There were some mind-boggling decisions. Not a terrific game, and not one that anyone should get excited about.

Dallas 28 at San Diego 24
Scientific Pick: San Diego
Colin should have realized the significant impact the loss of Antonio Gates would have on the Charger offense. Perhaps the impact of losing the best red zone receiver (outside of Tony Gonzalez) had something to do with being unable to get it in the end zone there at the end of the game. Dallas made some offensive plays. Julius Jones looks like he's might be the real deal. Drew Bledsoe didn't throw a pick (like that's going to continue). Dallas' defense wasn't that great, and the offense was so-so. San Diego would win the next five of these.

Indianapolis 24 at Baltimore 7
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
Derrick Mason, welcome to the Baltimore Ravens offense, home of the death trap. Well, we learned that Kyle Boller still sucks and that Peyton Manning can do it against anyone. The Ravens should have forced Jamal Lewis down Indy's throat, but were far too concerned with seeing where their quarterback's confidence was at. I put this loss at the feet of Brian Billick.

Philadelphia 10 at Atlanta 14
Scientific Pick: Philadelphia
David Akers missed two makeable field goals. This is not the end of the world for Philly fans. Columnists were praising Vick today, who actually had a mediocre game. They scored 14 pionts, people. That's not a good effort. The offense would have done even worse if Jeremiah Trotter hadn't been ejected. Those 200 yards of rushing would have been halved. This was an ugly game of two teams better than that. I'm going to say it now... Atlanta is on a high that the Hawks will take them from. Take it to the bank.

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