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Thursday, September 08, 2005

NFL Preview: Final Predictions

We have gone through every team in every division. The real games start tonight, with New England facing off against Oakland. A good game, but not nearly as good as the Indy/New England matchup that kicked off the season last year. It is time to unveil our picks for this season. Have no fear. We're not doing this halfway. We have gone through every NFL game and picked a winner or loser for every NFL game to come to our predictions. Here is what we perceive. Call it blatant homerism if you must. We're the ones who took the time to go through every roster. So..... yeah. Yeah us. Yeah us. Your mother.

AFC East -------------------------- Gavin
New England: 11-5 ---------------- New England: 11-5
Buffalo: 11-5 ---------------------- Buffalo: 10-6
N.Y. Jets: 10-6 -------------------- N.Y. Jets: 8-8
Miami: 3-13 ----------------------- Miami: 4-12

AFC North
Pittsburgh: 12-4 ------------------ Pittsburgh: 11-5
Cincinatti: 8-8 -------------------- Baltimore: 9-7
Baltimore: 8-8 -------------------- Cincinatti: 8-8
Cleveland: 2-14 ------------------- Cleveland: 4-12

AFC South
Indianapolis: 11-5 ---------------- Indianapolis: 12-4
Jacksonville: 11-5 ---------------- Jacksonville: 11-5
Houston: 7-9 --------------------- Houston: 6-10
Tennessee: 6-10 ----------------- Tennessee: 3-13

AFC West
Kansas City: 13-3 ---------------- Kansas City: 12-4
San Diego: 11-5 ------------------ San Diego: 10-6
Denver: 7-9 --------------------- Oakland: 8-8
Oakland: 6-10 ------------------- Denver: 6-10

Division Champs:
New England -------------------- New England
Pittsburgh (bye) ----------------- Pittsburgh
Indianapolis --------------------- Indianapolis (home-field)
Kansas City (home-field) -------- Kansas City (bye)

Wildcard Teams:
Buffalo ------------------------- Jacksonville
San Diego ---------------------- Buffalo

1st round
New England over San Diego --- New England over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over Buffalo ------- Pittsburgh over Buffalo

2nd round
New England over Pittsburgh -- Indianapolis over New England
Kansas City over Indianapolis -- Pittsburgh over Kansas City

3rd round
Kansas City over New England - Pittsburgh over Indianapolis

AFC Champion: Kansas City - Pittsburgh

NFC East
Philadelphia: 12-4 ------------- Philadelphia: 12-4
Washington: 6-10 ------------- Washington: 6-10
Dallas: 5-11 ------------------- Dallas: 4-12
N.Y. Giants: 3-13 ------------- NY Giants: 2-14

NFC North
Minnesota: 12-4 -------------- Minnesota: 10-6
Green Bay: 8-8 --------------- Green Bay: 8-8
Detroit: 6-10 ----------------- Detroit: 8-8
Chicago: 4-12 ---------------- Chicago: 4-12

NFC South
Carolina: 10-6 --------------- Carolina: 11-5
Atlanta: 9-7 ----------------- Atlanta: 9-7
New Orleans: 8-8 ----------- New Orleans: 8-8
Tampa Bay: 6-10 ----------- Tampa Bay: 7-9

NFC West
Seattle: 11-5 ---------------- Seattle: 11-5
St. Louis: 8-8 --------------- St. Louis: 9-7
Arizona: 8-8 ---------------- Arizona: 8-8
San Francisco: 3-13 -------- San Francisco: 2-14

Division Champs:
Philadelphia (home-field) -- Philadelphia (home-field)
Minnesota (bye) ----------- Minnesota
Carolina ------------------- Carolina (bye)
Seattle -------------------- Seattle

Wildcard Teams:
Atlanta ------------------- Atlanta
St. Louis ------------------ St. Louis

1st round
Carolina over St. Louis ---- Minnesota over St Louis
Seattle over Atlanta ------- Seattle over Atlanta

2nd round
Philadelphia over Seattle -- Minnesota over Philadelphia
Carolina over Minnesota -- Carolina over Seattle

3rd round
Carolina over Philadelphia - Carolina over Minnesota

NFC Champion: Carolina - Carolina

Super Bowl Champion: Kansas City - Pittsburgh

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