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Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday's Ultimate Explosion

Well, I'm back after traveling to the East Coast on business for all of last week and ready to Explode onto the scene. A fairly mediocre sports week last week, but this week is going to be awesome. Why, one might ask? Take the AL, where there are no guaranteed playoff spots at this time. Who do I like?

Boston: at Tampa Bay, at Baltimore, Toronto, New York
New York: Baltimore, Toronto, at Baltimore, at Boston
Chicago: Cleveland, Minnesota, at Detroit, at Cleveland
Cleveland: at Chicago, at Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Chicago
Anaheim: Texas, Tampa Bay, at Oakland, at Texas
Oakland: Minnesota, Texas, Anaheim, at Seattle

(First thing I notice is the prevalence of Tampa Bay on this list. No one team will have a greater effect on this race then Piniella and the fairly hot Rays.)

The toughest schedule goes to Chicago, because those games against Minnesota and Detroit are huge when Cleveland is playing Kansas City and Tampa Bay. The easiest schedule is probably Anaheim's, when you consider how Vlad Guerrero tears apart Texas pitching. So my final four at this point are: Boston, Cleveland, Anaheim as division winners, with... Chicago picking up the wild card (because the Yankees would have to pick up five games on the White Sox to pass them). Still, entertaining baseball for a couple of weeks... essentially anywhere but in Seattle.

- How about them Huskies? Can we all just breathe a huge sigh of relief? Beyond that atrocious second half against Cal, this is a team that deserved a win, even against a perennial loser like Idaho (albeit a perennial loser who played WSU extremely tight). While I still think we're going to lose hard to Notre Dame, it is going to be a very good matchup. Don't let Willingham fool you into thinking it's just another matchup.

- I'm not going to link to it again, and Colin did a good job of recapping it, but Bill Simmons' article about the WNBA was pure genius. Search for it and find it. In case anyone cared, Sacramento won the WNBA title. Yippee for them. Also, look for his in-depth look into the greatest TV show of our time, "24".

- Speaking of great TV shows, Fox's Sunday night lineup is almost like the torch being passed when the Simpsons go on before Family Guy. Every week I watch the Simpsons, laugh a little, and then really tune in to Family Guy, which always presents some good belly laughs. Fox should've let Matt Groening focus on Futurama and kept it around.

- Can we please go a day without hearing these words? Terrell Owens. Let's all make a pact.

- My fantasy baseball team has made it to the championship round, after a week headlined by David Ortiz and Vlad Guerrero. Two weeks between myself and fantasy immortality. That's what M's fans have been reduced to.

- Had the fantastic opportunity to go to Shea Stadium last Wednesday night for the first time. Such an historic park. Although the game sucked (won by the Nationals), it was really neat to be there. All the seats face straight out instead of being curved towards home like at Safeco, which was a little annoying.

- I was also at the Hawks game yesterday and can safely say that there is absolutely nothing like going to an NFL game. I wonder where these fans are at Mariner games, because I wish a few of them were present. M's games are quiet coffee shop affairs. Yesterday the noise never stopped. It was terrific (although I almost had a cardiac arrest midway through the fourth quarter). It's great going to a game where you are expected/required to stand and you know you've done your job when it takes a day for your voice to recover. That's the NFL, and that's why it is hands-down my favorite sport.

- Back to college football, a couple of observations. 1. Is anyone going to stop USC? 2. What the heck is wrong with Oklahoma? That's the beauty of college football. At the end of the day, these are teenagers, and the greatest recruits can go south quickly, because of their youth.

- Glad to be back. I'm sure no one missed me, except that Anonymous guy who keeps on posting comments about Laser Hair surgery and Drinking and Driving. I love that guy.

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