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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Huskies Game One: Some Questions Answered...

I'm going to write some optimistic stuff here, but first have to say... that was an extremely disappointing loss that absolutely should not have happened. I felt I was watching a Seahawks game. Still, there were plenty of questions that needed to be answered.

1. Isaiah Stanback can be a quality quarterback. Of course, he was given the easiest playbook in the world to work with, but generally made good decisions and didn't force it. He probably should have done more, because the passing attack stalled too often.

2. The offensive line is going to be a beast. They manhandled Air Force at the point of attack on many plays, allowing Louis Rankin to roam free. The running game will be a staple of the Husky offensive attack. Rankin looked fantastic.

3. With that said, we missed too many third-and-one (again, Seahawk disease) conversion opportunities.

4. The defense did an overall good job against the triple option, showing a discipline that wasn't present last year.

5. The linebacking corps is everything we had touted it to be. Evan Benjamin, Joe Lobendahn and Scott White are going to be nasty.

6. The secondary, to put it mildly, sucks and is the biggest reason this comeback occurred. If Air Force's quarterback could have actually thrown a deep ball effectively, they would have had five easy touchdowns, instead of just the one. Every time they went down the field, the receiver had two-three steps on the cornerback.

7. It is going to take a while to erase the losing tradition here at the UW. The team just didn't know how to win. Not impressive.

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