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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fantasy Football Draft Quick Notes:

Our fantasy draft was last night. Here are some highlights:

#1 pick: Tomlinson (of course)

Best pick of the 1st round: Gavin got Peyton Manning at the #6 slot. I admit, big mistake for me at the #5 slot. I completely forgot about Manning, going with McGahee instead. I will regret that for the rest of the season.

Worst pick of the 1st round: Priest Holmes at the #3 slot. Injury prone and losing time to Larry Johnson.

Most interesting pick: Muhsin Muhammed slid into the later rounds due to the carousel at Bears QB. He was the #1 fantasy player a year ago, and might be an absolute steal.

My most interesting pick: Going with newcomer wideout Troy Williamson, who looks like an absolute stud for the Vikings.

Best overall team: Looks like a tie between Gavin and Jay. Gavin has Manning, Ahman Green, Eric Moulds, Antonio Gates, Julius Jones, etc. No weak links. Jay has Bulger and Delhomme, Dunn, Stephen Davis, T.O., Nate Burleson, etc. Good stuff there.

We'll see what happens! Fantasy football rules!

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