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Monday, September 05, 2005

The Experts Have Spoken

The ESPN gurus, thank the Lord, have their picks for this NFL season. As usual, I laugh at them. Gavin and I will have OUR picks on Thursday, and you can bet your britches they will be different from Joe Theismann.

Final numbers for the NFC West (out of 12):

San Francisco: 0 experts predict them to make it to the playoffs

Seattle: 3 experts predict them to make it to the playoffs (2 NFC West titles, 1 wildcard). These smart people are Greg Garber, Scouts Inc., and James Black.

St. Louis: 9 experts predict them to make it to the playoffs (7 NFC West titles, 2 wildcards)

And the best part....

Arizona: 6 experts predict them to make it to the playoffs (3 NFC West titles, 3 wildcards). That's right, more experts predict the Arizona Cardinals, led by Kurt Warner, to win the NFC West then the Seattle Seahawks. These experts are the aforementioned Joe Theismann, Merril Hoge, and Jeremy Green. Maybe I shouldn't feel too bad. I wouldn't want the first two guys picking me anyways.

You know, I understand that the NFL is all about the new guy, and picking the new TEAM, and all that jazz. But..... seriously. What new import for the Cardinals is guaranteeing them the NFC West title? I can understand those who would pick the Rams. Heck, the Rams beat us THREE TIMES last season. I might even pick the Rams, I haven't decided yet. But the Cardinals...... no. Just...... no.

P.S. Of course, picking the Rams to win the Super Bowl, well, that's just plain stupid, Michael Smith. That's not paying attention to the facts, and obviously not watching the inestimable Mike Martz flail at head coaching.

P.P.S. Picking the Rams to win the Super Bowl is in NO WAY as stupid as picking the WASHINGTON REDSKINS to get to the Super Bowl (again, Theismann). Are you kidding me? The REDSKINS!!! WHAT!!! What in the world goes in a guys brain that comes out with picking the Redskins to win the NFC? Wow.

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