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Friday, September 09, 2005

A Day of Rest

After an exhausting couple of weeks putting the NFL preview up, today is a semi-official "Day of Rest" for the Crushed Optimists staff. We, seriously, enjoyed putting together the preview, because as much as we love the Mariners, we REALLY love the NFL. Nothing matches the parity, the exciting matchups, and the knowledge that, in the end, noone knows what they are talking about.

Very fun game to watch last night, mostly because I hate the Raiders AND was able to see some real weaknesses in that vaunted Patriots defense. Not sure if Chad Brown is going to be the answer for them at linebacker, as they were torn apart by the running game, especially early on. The Raiders lost because of their passing defense, which was atrocious. I haven't seen zone coverages fail that badly since watching, well, Seattle last year. They were dropping 8 and Brady was STILL finding WIDE-OPEN receivers. I'm not talking about him needing to thread the needle, there were receivers with noone within 5 yards of them. That sucks for me, since Brady is on the opposition fantasy-wise this week, but it was nice to laugh at the Raiders, since, once again, I hate them.

And yes, I still get chills hearing "Are You Ready For Some Football," even with the obligatory GMC cars strewn in the montage, reminding me why I won't buy a GMC car anytime soon, but will stick with the actually reliable Toyota or Honda models.

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