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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dan the Man

Forget the postseason stumbles at the plate. The horrendous slumps. The lack of power.

Dan Wilson was my kind of player.

You knew he cared, each and every day. You knew he would bring the best out of the pitching staff. You knew he loved Seattle, and wanted the best for the community.

The complaints we have today about pro athletes can not stick here.
-- Selfish? Nope.
-- Only concerned with money? His charitable work was astounding.
-- Move for money? Nope, long-tenured in Seattle.
-- Throw in the towel? Never. Not Dan. Each postseason flub gnawed at him.

Thank you, Dan.

Art Thiel, the best sports writer in Seattle, has a stupendous piece out today. Read it. Please. Here is one quote:

A devout Christian and perhaps the most self-effacing professional athlete in Seattle's modern sports history, Wilson probably was not with Scott Spiezio the recent night the former Mariners infielder had a provocative image of his big-chested girlfriend tattooed on his upper left arm.

He was probably at Children's Hospital, or e-mailing the Make-A-Wish Foundation or helping with First Place School, his favorite charitable cause. On a team that emphasizes community giving, Wilson and Jamie Moyer have been hall-of-fame locks, forget the five-year-wait rule.

Again, thank you, Dan. Someone might step into your shoes. Maybe an Adrian Beltre, who is known for having a big heart. Maybe a Ray Allen. Maybe a Marcus Trufant, who has the local ties. I don't know, though. I know you were someone special as a person more then as a player, and I wish you peace and God's continued blessings on your life.

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At 9:17 AM, Blogger nach said...

Dan had his career year in '95, which helped endear him to MY heart at least. I'm pretty sure I saw him at SPU once. Is he officially the last '95 Mariner left? Damn, I'm getting all teary-eyed thinking of baseball and home again. He should come visit me in Karaganda. You know, get to know the orphans.


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