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Thursday, September 15, 2005

2005 Officially Better!

It is official.

The 2005 Seattle Mariners are better then the 2004 Seattle Mariners.

The 64th win was notched yesterday in a sweep of the LA Orange County California West Side Angels of DisneyCorp Anaheim, which caused me to laugh.

Likely reaction of the Rally Monkey?
A. Eat own feces
B. Become depressed that he has been alone for four years
C. Become exhausted and keel over from jumping up and down for four years
D. What does it matter? He's an A's fan.

Notes From the Last Few Days:
-- Jose Lopez really needs to work on his defense, because it gets a little scary out there sometimes.
-- When Richie Sexson is clicking, our offense automatically scores runs
-- If Betancourt can even hit .250, he will be a wonderful addition to our team
-- You know that God hates the Angels when they lose on game-winning hits from the Dobber and Betancourt, the two worst hitters left on our team
-- You know that Mike Scoscia hates the Angels when he intentionally walks Greg Dobbs. No one should EVER intentionally walk Dobby.
-- The Angels bullpen is really, really, really tired. At this point, I seriously doubt that they can make it to the World Series, because that bullpen was the only reason I thought they COULD make it. Sure, Colon (all three of him) has been pitching well, but Santana has been inconsistent, Paul Byrd is, well, Paul Byrd, Washburn has been experiencing tendonitis, and Scoscia feels that Escobar is best used out of the bullpen. The hitting has been, frankly, pathetic, which really makes me feel like a complete idiot for picking them to have a better offense than Texas.
-- Fortunately for LA, Oakland has remembered that their offense sucks, and their young pitching has faded down the stretch. Eric Chavez is partying like it's April, and Swisher has fallen from his ROY-like stretch.
-- Personally, I'm cheering for the Indians to get the wildcard, and they might even overtake the White Sox. If they knock the White Sox out, my life will be complete. Right then and there.

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