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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Your 2004 Mariner Infield!

Is NO MORE!!!!

At 1st Base:

Before: John Olerud - A steady OBP guy with fair power and a penchant for walks seemed to wear down last year at the plate. Sure, his defense was still stellar, but there were one-too-many poputs to left field and wiffs at balls high and inside. He was dropped to make room for Bucky Jacobsen, and has been a solid bench contributor for the Yankees and BoSox.

After: Richie Sexson - Yes, he strikes out. A lot. He also hits for power, and has been the Mariners best hitter this season, bar none. He actually walks more than I thought he did, and his defense, after a somewhat shaky start, has been more than adequate. He just might be my favorite 2005 Mariner. Not that that's saying anything too special.

At 2nd Base:

Before: Bret Boone - The bat-flips went into hibernation at the start of the 2004 season, and Boonie has been unable to get on track since. Suspicions abound at the sudden decline of the Boonster, both at the plate and with the glove (how many "just past a diving Boone" did I hear the last two years). All that aside, he was a much loved Mariner who just got completely lost as a player and cost us several wins.

After: Willie Bloomquist - Sad to say, Bloomie has entrenched himself into the heart of the inestimable Mariner skipper, Mike Hargrove, with his scrappy play, his overall scrappiness, and the scrappitude he brings to the team. Hopefully one Jose Lopez actually gets a chance in hell this September instead of a few-week audition.

At Shortstop:

Before: Rich Aurilia - Blah. I hated the signing, hated his performance. and was all to glad to see him go. He is putting together an ok season for the Reds, but his departure allowed us to take a look at a few shortstop prospects of our own. I remember him as old, tired, and the antithesis of clutch.

After: Yuni Betancourt - A wizard with the glove. I love watching him play defense, and his bat isn't half-bad for as good as his defense is. He might fill in that position for a good long time. Besides the King, perhaps my favorite rookie of the Mariner year....

At 3rd base:

Before: The Spaz - Quite possibly the worst free-agent signing of all time. The man had like 10 hits in two years as a Mariner. At least he had a terrible tattoo of his fiancee to distract us from his horrible play, right? I hope never to see anyone that bad in a Mariner uniform ever again. Ever. Please, God.

After: Adrian Beltre - Much has been written at Beltre's underperformance at the plate. This is true, he has not had an MVP-type season, and his OBP percentage is a horrible .300. However, he is still the best 3rd baseman I have seen in a Mariner uniform. Who else is better? Edgar is basically a DH, he doesn't even count as a 3rd baseman. Jim Presley? David Bell? Jeff Cirillo? 3rd base has been a wasteland, and Beltre has filled that void.

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At 9:58 PM, Blogger nach said...

Mike Blowers deserves to be included. He hit some grand slams... once.

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