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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!

Today's Ultimate Explosion will be fairly short, because I just wrote a ton. Deal with it.

- John Levesque deserves to be severely beaten around the head and shoulders for writing YET ANOTHER love note for Willie Bloomquist. How many of these does this guy need to write? I refuse to link to this crap. He sucks. He's a great utility guy, terrible everyday player who is taking valuable at-bats away from Jose Lopez. I'm hoping he just pulled his hamstring and is out for the rest of the season.

- Why exactly did Mike Hargrove send Matt Thornton out to pitch to Jason Giambi last night instead of George Sherrill? Let's send someone who gives up home runs and can't throw strikes out to pitch to the hottest hitter in baseball. That makes complete sense. Welcome back, Matt Thornton death spiral.

- I will be at the games Wednesday and Thursday and plan on thoroughly enjoying myself. Go Felix!

- No big news in the first round of cuts for the Seahawks. It would be great if they went after Corey Simon, but only if it made sense. Tubbs and Darby look great as starters. Peerless Price isn't necessary. We have enough WR depth now.

- Chad Ford doubts the Sonics again. You'd think Antonio Daniels was our MVP last year for all the love people are pouring on him. He wasn't even our sixth man, for crying out loud. Please people, enough already! On paper we actually are better than Golden State and Denver. Let's think that way.

- Good luck to the Storm tonight. I'll care if they advance to the Finals again.

Update: Isaiah Stanback wins the UW QB battle by default as the university's idiotic compliance department strikes again, as DuRocher isn't available for the first three weeks. I like this from the standpoint that Stanback gets for sure three weeks to see what he can do. If he sucks, we can always move forward with DuRocher.

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