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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tony Kornheiser Is A Complete Idiot Sometimes

I like PTI. I admit this. I also, usually, like Kornheiser, even though he is a BLATANT East Coast guy who forgets the West Coast exists. Michael Wilbon, from Chicago, rips Kornheiser for this CONSTANTLY.

However, Kornheiser today was inexcusable in talking about Felix Hernandez. He ripped anyone for comparing Felix to Doc Gooden, since Doc pitched the whole season and had over 200 strikeouts. He said to call him when Felix is 24 and then he'd talk.


Fact #1: Felix is the first teenager SINCE Doc Gooden to strike out 10 batters in a MLB game.

Fact #2: Felix's first three starts have been REMARKABLE in every way, shape, and form.

Fact #3: Felix will be 24 in FIVE YEARS!!! That means that Kornheiser will ignore him for FIVE YEARS!!!

Fact #4: If Felix pitched in New York or Boston, you can bet your a** Kornheiser would not only be talking about him, he would be RAVING about him.

What a completely idiotic thing to say. Yes, there is a risk here with injury. Obviously. However, to say that 50% of teenage phenoms fizzle so we should ignore Felix right now is, frankly, something I would expect Joe Morgan or Skip Bayless to say, not Tony Kornheiser. Just the stupidest stuff I have heard in a good long time.

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