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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday Ramblings

-- Can last night serve as a reminder that WFB is a nice bench player but should NOT be a regular starter? Please? Costly errors, costly miscues including a botched bunt, and he is 27 years old! This should be the prime of his career! David Locke had the gall to call WFB the best aspect of the Mariners season before King Felix. Now, I know this season has been rough, but I would put SEVERAL aspects of the season before WFB, including Eddie pitching with a torn rotator cuff, watching the power of Sexson and the 1st month of Mike Morse. I really enjoy Locke when he writes about the Sonics, but he seems to be willfully idiotic when it comes to the Mariners.

-- Beltre. I don't know what more to write, but this is getting pretty pathetic. Not only is he not living up to an all-star caliber player, but he is barely playing to a replacement-level player. It's gotten to the point where I expect him to make an out.... I have more faith in Betancourt in the clutch then Beltre. How different would our offense look with a better Beltre? Well, it wouldn't be dead last, that's for sure.

-- The "new and improved" Pineiro made his 2nd start last night, and issued 0 walks, allowing 7 weak hits and 2 earned runs. He was in command of the fastball and the curve, inducing mostly ground balls and actually striking a few people out. I will be watching him the rest of the season with great interest. Felix, the "good" Pineiro, and Moyer make for an acceptable top-3 of the rotation. Of course, regardless, I want the Mariners to go out and get a nice starting pitcher this offseason, though that might prove impossible due to the lack of free-agent depth at that position.

-- The "new and improved" Thornton was out there as well for a nice inning of work. I really like our bullpen sans Nelson and Hasegawa (surprise: who lost the game last night?). That should be a real strength of our team next year. It will be nice to have a strength.

-- A very nice article by DMZ of USSMariner in the PI today focusing on whether Reed has been a disappointment. He concludes that his superior defense has made up for his underachievements offensively. I tend to agree with him, though I want to see more power from Reed before I will be entirely comfortable with him. He is a rookie, and I can stand to watch his growing pains. Besides, Beltre is the largest culprit, as stated earlier.

-- The Seahawks will start a rookie linebacker against the Saints tomorrow. Unfortunately, that rookie is not named Lofa Tatupu, who has been slowed down by a slight injury. Instead, LeRoy Hill will occupy one of the OLB postions. For those who need a brief refresher, Hill was the ACC defensive player of the year out of Clemson and one of our two 3rd round draft picks.

-- What? An article by John "CO whipping boy" Levesque that I agree with? Has the world gone crazy-go-nuts? Possibly. But I do agree that the suspensions given to both Rogers and Bertuzzi were extremely, well, pansy. They both committed assault, for crying out loud. They injured individuals with malice. These are the times when I scoff at the assorted players unions wondering why in the world the fans aren't with them. This is why, you a**holes. Why does David Stern come out of all this looking like the best commissioner of them all?

-- Tiger is getting his butt kicked at the end of Day 1 of the PGA championship, while my favorite player, Phil-dawg, is right in contention. Excellent.

-- So much for the Sonics going after Tyson Chandler. The dope wants a max contract after averaging a little over 8 points a game last year. The NBA! It's FAAAAANNNNN-tastic (to quote Bill Simmons).

Prep for school starts next week, with school starting the week after that. I'm heading to the pool. Later, suckers.

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