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Friday, August 05, 2005

Steroid Madness

Alright, I might as well weigh into this whole Rafael Palmeiro thing. Right now, apparently we live in a world of absolutes in the sports realm. Either he has done it for years and we must destroy him and exonerate Jose Canseco (Skip "I hate humanity" Bayless' contribution) or we must have nieve blinders on, put both hands over our ears, and hum show tunes.

I feel pretty torn, and most of all am disgusted at baseball's steroid policy. This whole non-disclosure crap is ridiculous. If Ryan Franklin wants us to believe that he took supplements, why doesn't he produce those for us? It demeans us into speculation that borders on the absurd. Did Palmeiro have a "compelling case" as he would like us to believe? Will he actually produce all the internal records for Congress? At least a slugger has finally been indicted. About time.

This whole thing is nuts. Bring on football.

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