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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Simpsons Season Six

As Mr. Burns would say, "Excellent."

I personally feel that "Family Guy" has completely surpassed "The Simpsons" both in originality and general funniness, but there are some CLASSIC episodes in this season. A few of my personal favorites.

Itchy & Scratchy Land - Robots go off in a land filled with the anti-Disney cartoon duo of Itchy and Scratchy. Classic shot of the Simpsons entering their hotel, barely missing the blood spurting from Itchy continually decapitating Scratchy.

Sideshow Bob Roberts - Anytime Kelsey Grammar is involved, the episode is always golden. This is no different, with a vampire being one of the principal members of the Republican Party. Excellent commercial about the revolving door prison, where, the commercial asserts, Mayor Quimby has allowed dangerous criminals to leave, including Sideshow Bob.

A Star Is Burns - Springfield hosts a film festival, and Jon Lovitz's animated character from "The Critic" makes a guest appearance. Barney's film is wonderful, as is Homer's personal favorite, "Man Hit In Crotch By Football."

The PTA Disbands - Bart convinces the teachers to go on strike, Professor Frink teaches a bunch of kindergartners, Lisa has an emergency school kit at home..... just a classic episode.

Lemon of Troy - One of my all-time favorite episodes, as a bunch of Shelbyville kids steal the Springfield lemon tree, so Bart and a bunch of other kids head over to steal it back. Martin Prince is teamed up with bully Nelson, with a great scene involving Martin dancing and singing while Nelson vainly tries to hit him. Millhouse's camo outfit always provokes a few laughs as well.

Until the new "Family Guy" season comes out in November, this will have to tide me over....

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