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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sheer Idiocy

Take a peek at the below quote from's Tony Mejia in grading Seattle's offseason:

The SuperSonics lost their coach, their center and one of their top reserves in a forgettable offseason that may cause a downward spiral after last season's grand revival. Nate McMillan, "Mr. Sonic," was in fact spurned by the organization, low-balled and disrespected, forcing him to flee to Portland. Jerome James keyed last year's playoff run, and it would be tragic for Seattle if after years of waiting for him to mature, he finally reaches his potential in New York. Antonio Daniels, a veteran influence and fine defender, left for Washington. The Sonics are now in recovery mode, elevating assistant Bob Weiss to try to keep some chemistry in place and signing Rick Brunson to step into Daniels' role. The greatest positive of this offseason was keeping superstar Ray Allen in place with a five-year, $85 million extension. At least they'll have their main cog to build around as they look for new pieces to replace the departing ones. Grade: C-

Where does one begin in dissecting this? Let's start with the beginning... Nate McMillan was most definitely not "spurned, low-balled, and disrespected". That would be a fallacy through an east coast jerk who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Nate McMillan didn't have a winning record before last season. We tried to resign him several times during the year (also apparently known as "spurning") and offered him a contract that even McMillan said was "fair" (also known as "low-balling"). McMillan was given an insane contract far over his market value by a billionaire. End of discussion.

Next up is this whole Jerome James thing. This is where some ganja apparently have been smoked. Jerome James is not about to reach his potential in New York, unless it is in his girth. Please. Absurd. Losing James was a major victory for the Sonics.

Antonio Daniels left for Washington... for five years and 30 million. We would have to be hit in the head with a hammer to give that type of money to a backup point guard who is aging.

I can give us a C+ for many reasons this offseason. Rick Brunson? Hello? Still, we kept Ray Allen and just because of that we should get a "B".

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