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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Seahawks Suckage

What a pathetic display from Seattle's version of "Extreme Underachievers". Living in Phoenix, I was able to see the first hour of the game before I had to leave for a graduate class (Family Communication, if anyone cares).

The Seahawks dominated that hour, and yet, when I left, we were losing 10-7, and went on to lose 18-10, in a game that featured 2 turnovers, 12 penalties for 105 yards, and multiple dropped passes, including a sure touchdown drop by sure ex-Seahawk Jerheme Urban.

The Good:
-- Jerramy Stevens had a terrific game, catching everything thrown his way except for the interception by DeMarcus Ware that truly was a great athletic play, not a mistake by Hasselbeck.

Gavin: That was my highlight of the game, listening (the radio!) to Stevens coming through like that. Please let it continue.

-- Speaking of Hasselbeck, another fine preseason game. He'll be ready for Jacksonville, and should have a better season than last year.

Gavin: ESPN had his total running below at 11-25. I thought that seemed wierd after starting off so well. Good to know that our passing game was better than what it showed at New Orleans. See below... I agree with Colin.

-- Bobby Engram is an impressive #2 receiver. I am already more confidant in him than I ever was with Koren Robinson.

-- Marcus Tubbs and Darby are really impressing me. They were hitting gaps and putting some pressure on Bledsoe during several series.

Gavin: Tubbs played well enough to get another fluff piece. He and Darby may take some of the pressure off of these inexperienced middle linebackers, which would be tremendous.

The Not-So-Good:
-- Sight seen: Isaiah Kacyvenski hurtling straight-on into three huge offensive-lineman, effectively cancelling out a blitz. I sighed. It brought back so many memories.....

Gavin: Had to laugh to read this, since I couldn't watch it. Kacyvenski was so good at running to contact on a blitz. Please let us cut him. He's the Willie Bloomquist of the Seahawks.

-- Tatupu was invisible this game. Not sure if that was a good thing, but it did seem like Julius Jones was gashing the defense once again on their one long drive. I even saw Jamie Sharper wiff one tackle that drive.

Gavin: I heard his name on the radio a couple of times. I would say overall the linebacking corps did a decent job except on the one drive. It doesn't worry me much... every team puts together one good drive a game.

-- The continuation of dropped passes, with the addition of stupid penalties, meant that we lost to a team that I guarantee you we are better than. I'm serious, it didn't even look close for the hour I watched. All that Dallas had was Julius Jones on offense and Demarcus Ware on defense. This game worried me a little, however. You just don't want to see those kind of mistakes in any game, preseason or otherwise. They'll need to show me something these next two games before my optimism rises again.

Gavin: The penalties were ridiculous and numerous. We definitely should have beaten this team by 20 (and hopefully will in the regular season). The way I see it... we will ramp up our offensive line protection against the blitz (solve a lot of problems just with that). The Cowboys are going to be a very bad team this year. Take that John Clayton!

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