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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Seahawks Optimism

I watched/listened to most of the first half last night, since I could care less how our third stringers do. A few observations I had:

1. Chartric Darby and Marcus Tubbs look like beasts in the middle. It was hilarious to see the difference in our defense between them and Bernard/Terrill (last year). They did an excellent job blocking the line of scrimmage against an excellent offensive line and premier running back.

2. Andre Dyson (hope he's okay) and Kelly Herndon were each tested against Joe Horn and each time were blanketing him.

3. The linebackers were... okay. They did a good job of swarming to the ball and creating turnovers. Really, a lot of their success can be traced to the defensive line.

4. Bryce Fisher missed two sacks, was robbed of another, and mostly was more disruptive than Okeafor. Not necessarily expecting that type of performance each time out but it was pretty nice.

5. When that first turnover was created, I looked at the number on the ball and laughed. Of course, it had to be Michael Boulware. I look forward to him saving a few more games for us this season.

6. The first team offense didn't look all that great. Basically, the West Coast offense needs time to shake off the rust and we didn't have it. Good job getting that quick touchdown. Capitalizing on the road is really important and it happened.

7. Our offensive line is going to be pretty damn good.

8. Shaun Alexander totally missed a blocking chance on the one sack Hasselbeck took. Yep, he's back.

9. Once the first team offense was off, it was Seneca Wallace's time to shine. This performance probably nailed down his opportunity as our second string quarterback. He was, to put it mildly, impressive. He stayed in the pocket well and displayed great athleticism. Seriously, that touchdown was amazing... he made the linebacker look like a defensive lineman.

10. Thank the Lord for Ruskell signing Pathon and Jurevicius. Joe caught a third down pass across the middle, using his size, which was great to see, and Pathon did nothing but catch the ball. Hopefully this will cut all that "cut Pathon" talk out of the newspaper articles.

11. The one interesting battle has to be then Jerheme Urban and DJ Hackett. I have to say that the winner in a landslide was Hackett, even though he did drop the touchdown. Urban dropped two balls and contributed nothing. Hackett displayed the ability to be a deep threat, leaping over the corner to pull in the ball from Wallace (beautiful throw, by the way).

12. Jerramy Stevens did nothing. Shoot.

13. All in all, a lot to be excited about. If only the regular season could look like that!

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