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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturday Ramblings

-- Enough with the "Pineiro is back" articles, ok, Times and PI? The guy pitched ONE so-so game where he gave up 2 home-runs and 8 hits in 6 1/3. Somehow, probably because the White Sox have a terrible offense, that translated to only 2 runs. That is NOT "back to form" or "a significant improvement". However, it is classic Mariner reporting. Whenever Franklin, or Pineiro, or Sele have a good start, the papers gush about their heart, or how they have finally figured it out. Well, no. They haven't figured it out. Stop writing that.

-- For all the Podsednik lovers out there, the guys at Lookout Landing want you to remember one simple stat. The man has not hit a triple OR a home-run this year. That's right. His biggest hits have been doubles. And we are in AUGUST. And people call ICHIRO a glorified singles-hitter. Of course, Ichiro can't hit ANYTHING right now. I really thought he had hit a home-run last night off of Freddy, but the ball died at the warning track. Yeah, not too worried about Ichiro. I kinda think he'll get a few more hits this year.

-- How awesome was it to see ol' George coming out of the bullpen instead of Villone? Very awesome. It was even better knowing that the prospect we GOT for Villone, one Brazelbon, pitched 7 scoreless innings for San Antonio, dominating the opposition. Bavasi, that was an EXCELLENT trade. Really. Once again, I salute you for your deadline work. Giants fans are telling me that Torrealba will be a great addition, and it definitely seemed like he helped Pineiro and Putz in his Mariner debut. The cherry at the top will be Foppert. We will watch his progress with great interest.

-- Scrimmage time for the Hawks today. The good news out of camp so far is that no-one (like Shawn Springs) has a bad injury yet. The Shawn Springs injury was a training camp ritual. You could set your watch to it. Well, at least I could watch some football last night.... at like 3 in the morning..... in Japan. Thank you, NFL, for having the 1st NFL preseason game be half the world away. Tremendous idea. I expect this from David Stern, simply because the rest of the world cares about the NBA more than we do. But not the NFL. Do the Japanese even PLAY football? Extra note: The one highlight I saw from the game (Colts vs Falcons) was Michael Vick throwing the ball downfield. The ball went off the hands of his wide receiver and was subsequently intercepted. Man, did THAT highlight seem familiar. That must have happened AT LEAST five times last season to poor Hasselbeck. At least the Times prefers to give glowing reviews to every wide receiver in Hawks training camp. Those reviews will probably last until Game 3 of the regular season.

-- We are now 2-0 vs. Freddy Garcia this season. HA! HA! I laugh again. You see, both times we have faced Freddy he has pitched, well, like Freddy. The first time it was the flustered big inning where he loses his composure and throws the ball directly over the heart of the plate. This time it was the slightly out-of-control Freddy where his command is a little off and he allows 1 run in several innings until you look at the scoreboard and you've scored 4 in 7 innings. Yep. Freddy. Stay away from King Felix, Freddy. I command it.

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