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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ripple Effect?

I was very curious going to Joel Piniero's start last night if there would be a ripple effect... if watching Felix Hernandez obliterate the Twins the night before would get Joel a little more hopped up. All in all, two starts does not change a mediocre season, but it doesn't hurt.

Piniero has done three things better the past two times out.

1. He has avoided walking people, pitching with more confidence.
2. He is striking people out, still lower than he should, but he has too good stuff not to.
3. He is getting groundballs. Most of the singles he surrendered were all ground balls, which helped keep the Twins out of any huge rally situation.

Honestly? The past two starts were what I was hoping Joel could be this year. Now... he has to be that for the rest of the year before I pencil him into the rotation, but it's a lot better than before. Almost eight innings too!

On the same day that David Locke (again not talking about the Sonics) told Willie Bloomquist that he was the best story on the Mariners outside of Felix Hernandez Wee Willie managed to blow the ballgame on multiple occasions. The error in the ninth (eat that ball!), the pop up in the bottom of the ninth, the terrible pop up bunt attempt (we would have won if he'd been successful, because they would have walked Ibanez and faced Sexson with the bases loaded), and the second error in the 14th. Frankly, these are reasons why a mediocre 27 year old second baseman should not be taking at-bats away from Jose Lopez and his learning curve. The people praising Willie were the same ones praising Winn. Sheesh.

Betancourt's at-bats are starting to irritate the heck out of me.

Good article by Derek Zumsteg today detailing Jeremy Reed's slump. Statiscally, Jeremy has been a below average center fielder. Luckily, he's been a really good defensive center fielder. Reed has a great approach at the plate and I still look to give him another year/two shot. If only we could give Jose Lopez the same grace.

Rafael Soriano and Bobby Madritsch continue to rehab. My hopes for next year lie on them being significant contributors.

I have tickets to Monday's game! Section 117, baby!

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