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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Reason for Optimism: Washington Huskies

One of the worst regular football seasons of my lifetime has to be last year's performance of our hometown college team. Colin and I will preview this closer to their first game with Air Force, but suffice it to say that they gave "suck" a whole new meaning.

However, I cannot stress enough how much I like Tyrone Willingham. Not only has he started to recruit well (next year is already shaping up pretty darn well), but he has instilled a different attitude into some talented players. That's right... we have a lot of talented players at many positions. It's all about those players actually accomplishing something.

This team may not go 6-5. They may not even go 5-6. But I believe they will compete, and that's what I'm asking for this year. My optimistic view is that they will surprise a lot of people. That's my buzz.

These 10 questions are a good place to go for quick info on the club...

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