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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Reason for Optimism: Seattle Mariners

I am so excited about Felix's start today. I have a huge adrenaline rush just thinking about it. I don't care how he does... I just love that the best pitching prospect in baseball is on our team and I can watch him every five days. I think there are many reasons for M's fans to rejoice...

1. Felix
2. Snelling... did you see that shot last night? He jumpstarted our offense all over the place. I absolutely love his approach at the plate. He has "hitter" written all over him. With power like that he could easily hit 20 a year, especially since he's a lefty at Safeco. His defense? Did you see that full out extension catch over the weekend? I was just hoping he didn't break his arm in the fall. Look forward, M's fans, Snelling is here to stay.
3. George Sherrill... absolutely dominating control, paint the corners reliever. This guy is going to be rock solid. He is already an improvement over Villone.
4. Trade Prospects... one of Foppert or Bazardo are going to contribute... and we get Sherrill instead of Villone!
5. Richie Sexson. That contract might be overpaying him a bit, but can we complain right now?
6. Impressive showings of pitching and patient hitting at Everett, proof that Bavasi might look like an idiot at the major league level at times but is one hell of a scout (see Angels farm system ranked number one).
7. A prospect list that continues to contain actual prospects. We still have minor leaguers all through our system that I am excited to see. Adam Jones, Matt Tuiasosopo, Clint Nageotte, Bobby Livingston, Jeff Clement, Sebastian Boucher, etc give us something to look forward to next year when we fall out of contention (hahahaha).
8. Bobby Madritsch, Rafael Soriano, Scott Atchison, and Bucky Jacobsen on their way back from surgery and all looking good (especially Bucky).

Fun times, my friends! Go M's!

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