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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Random Thoughts on a Slow Day

This is what I'd refer to as a slow day. The M's played the Royals and swept them. Should I care that we swept a team that sucks? I more just feel for the fans in KC than anything else. What an utterly incapable front office. If Milwaukee can have Prince Fielder, Richie Weeks, Ben Sheets and JJ Hardy, if Tampa Bay can have Rocco Baldelli, Carl Crawford, and Delmon Young, if Pittsburgh can have Zach Duke and Jason Bay, you'd think Kansas City could have SOME hot prospects. However, they have to be one of the worst drafting teams ever. With that many high draft picks they should have gotten way more bang for their buck. Way more.

Anyways, on to other musings...

- John Clayton is starting to annoy me, only because I hold him in such high regard. He generally knows what he's talking about, but this offseason he's kinda gone on recess (like that the Hawks had one of the three worst offseasons and that ridiculous Arizona preview). Now today he previews San Francisco and the #1 draft pick Alex Smith and has this to say...

From the looks of him on the practice field in camp, Smith is a mix of Young and Montana. He has Montana-like intelligence. That's the silent confidence he talks about. His knack of scrambling but looking downfield for a receiver is reminiscent of Young, the athlete with the 4.5 speed who could set up quickly and deliver an impromptu pass.

I'm sorry, but that's absurd pressure to put on this kid, and yes, every sports writer does it, but it's dumb! Two hall of fame quarterbacks, including my choice for best ever (Montana) should not be compared to a rookie quarterback who looked awful in his first preseason game. San Francisco is going to be bad this year. Really really bad. Let the kid struggle without the weight of this analysis.

- As many of you don't know, I love world soccer, and the World Cup, and it's exciting to see the US come this close to qualifying (although it never has been that much up in the air) through beating Trinidad and Tobago. Still, they haven't dominated the opposition in the way they should, have problems finishing (like they did against Cuba in the Gold Cup match I saw), and need to develop the type of attitude deservant of their new status as elite players in the world game. I know it's new, we're used to being mediocre, but it's time to establish ourselves. Come next year we won't be underdogs in our group... we will be favorites and will have to perform. Also, note that all the games will be in HDTV, and since I have a TV that can do that now am pretty damn excited.

- Finally, another fluff piece on why I'm excited about Tim Ruskell. I think I mentioned this a few days ago, but his ability as a scout and desire to get in the film room is pretty admirable, and mentioning the similarity to Randy Mueller does nothing but help, since Mueller was the last good personnel man we had. Unfortunately, though, we've reached the point of the preseason when the writers have to talk about hydration and eating habits instead of actual personnel. Yay.

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At 10:02 PM, Blogger nach said...

Hey, Uzbekistan is still in the running for the world cup after coming back from two goals down against Kuwait.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Gavin said...

I saw that, in fact if the US sucks from here on out they might play the Uzbeks for a World Cup berth... that would be wierd.


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