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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pre-Felix Post

Before I start gushing, there are some other topics to blog about today...

- The Seahawks sign another defensive tackle. Yep, give the guy two weeks of practice and then cut him. Joy.

- The Seahawks have two many wide receivers. Sounds like we are going to cut someone talented. That would be unfortunate. Hopefully we can find a spot for both Urban and Hackett, but I don't see it.

- The Seahawks play on Friday. I will watch part of it if I am not at the driving range.

- I will be buying a big TV this weekend. Felix in HDTV, baby.

- More columnists than just me think the Huskies have enough to hit the six win mark and a meaningless bowl game. I just really like Tyrone Willingham. Of course, it all is dependent on whether or not a quarterback actually establishes himself.

- Casey Paus is not a quarterback. I will hurt someone or something if that is the decision made.

- That is all... because there is so much more...

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