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Monday, August 15, 2005

The Phil-ster Wins Again!

I was really planning on getting up at 7 AM this morning to watch the final few holes of the PGA Championship. Really. Unfortunately, my alarm magically turned itself off, and I slept through the whole thing.

Phil Mickelson has been my favorite PGA player for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why..... it was even before he became the certified crowd favorite or started wearing the term "Best Player Never To Win A Major." I just always enjoyed watching him play. You knew it wouldn't be boring. Phil would try some weird shots, and some of them would work..... and some of them would cost him the tournament while Jim Nantz would shake his head and wonder at what was going on inside Phil's head.

I watched the tournament Saturday and Sunday, and, to be honest, it seems to me less like Phil won this thing and more like everyone else lost it. Sure, Phil had opened up the big lead going into the weekend, but he played the final two rounds at +4, opening up a gate wider than Della Reese. No one could take advantage of it. Davis Love III had been playing the best golf of the tournament, but his putting fell apart on Sunday. Vijay Singh had several, SEVERAL lip-outs that cost him certain birdies. Tiger played the weekend at -6, but had put himself in too deep a hole to catch Phil. Steve Elkington had a two-stroke lead midway through the final round, and immediately started playing like crap. It was weird, like PGA officials had simply decided to let Phil win and started paying off the other players to suck.

Regardless, my favorite player ended up winning, and I am a happy man. Now I can forget about golf until next April (the Masters) and concentrate on what's important in life..... King Felix, the Hawks, finding a time warp to prevent the Mariners from ever signing Spaz....

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