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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

OK, New Rule

I think I have come up with a new rule, at least for myself. If I see an article by David Locke about the Mariners, I need to pass it by.

Not read it.

Not think about it.

Forget about its very existence.

The failure to do so results in me actually reading a piece such as this where Locke rips Bill Bavasi a new one for the past few years in the Mariner Kingdom.

He has a few correct points:

1. The Carlos Guillen trade was an abomination
2. Some midlevel pickups have failed, including Aurilia, Spaz, and Reese (due to injury)

That's it. On to the poor points:

1. Bavasi allowed Vlad, Tejada, and Pudge (WHAT) to go to other teams. First off, Vlad never showed any desire to be in Seattle. He wanted to be in a large Latin-American population where he could blend in. We had no shot there. Pudge, HELLO, had back issues and is fading even as we speak. Tejada was close, and it was a crying shame, but Baltimore paid through the nose for him. It wasn't as much as Bavasi lost him as Baltimore won him in my opinion.

2. How can you criticize Bavasi for signing Beltre? That was the best free-agent signing in Mariner history! It might not have worked out so far, but at the time it was incredible. Personally, I feel it will work out in the long run, but that's just me.

3. Is it Bavasi's fault that Aurilia has been solid this year with the Reds, or that McCracken has been a solid bench player once again? No, these guys underachieved!

4. The Freddy Garcia trade. This analysis was terrible. The trade itself was EXCELLENT. We got a major-league catcher, a top-tier prospect, and a mid-level prospect for a pitcher that was underachieving and wanted a TON of money and got rid of Ben Davis. You can not blame Bavasi for the horror that was Miguel Olivo, and can not blame him for Olivo suddenly hitting .300 with the Padres. People need to shut up about Jeremy Reed. The guy is playing an incredible center-field and HE IS A ROOKIE!!! HE WILL GET BETTER AT THE PLATE!!! HE HAS A GREAT EYE!!!! GAAAAAAHHH!!!

5. Anything dealing with the minor leagues. To me, this looks like Bavasi's strength. He is doing a nice job of evaluating talent for the draft and especially Everett looks solid. Gillick gutted the system, and Bavasi is rebuilding it.

Am I a huge Bavasi fan? No. There have been questionable decisions. But he doesn't deserve this type of article. Locke, please, STICK TO THE SONICS!!!

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