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Monday, August 08, 2005

NFL Thoughts

Eagles camp - There's just this part of my brain that says Philly takes a step back this year. I mean, look at their situation at wide receiver right now. Who is there? Greg Lewis and Bad Terrell Owens? Buckhalter is out AGAIN with injury and Brian Westbrook is just arriving at camp. Westbrook is the key, in my book. If he has another Marshall Faulk-like season, the Eagles compete again, otherwise he drops off. Still, just a look at their division is enough to give me pause, since everyone still blows.

Patriots camp - If Chad Brown starts 16 games for the Patriots this year I am going to freak. Still, my guess is that Roosevelt Colvin becomes a Pro Bowl linebacker this year.

Rams camp - Yes, the Rams are going to have a decent offense. They always have a decent offense. The question is... are they going to stop anyone?

Browns camp - I am secretly rooting for Trent Dilfer this year to rock his division. Thanks for everything you did for Seattle, Trent.

We are four days away from preseason game number one! Four weeks away from Colin and I going around the league!

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