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Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Thoughts: Seahawks

The Hawks finally signed Lofa Tatupu, who hopefully can start pressing for the starting middle linebacker job. I am very pleased that he only missed a few days, because he has too much to learn to miss more. Whether or not Chris Spencer misses more is pretty much inconsequential... he's not going to be an impact player this year.

Koren Robinson has finally checked himself into alcohol rehab. Hopefully he has figured it all out... but I'm not convinced.

When I read the training camp reports it strikes me how deep our team is, even on defense. We may not have all-pro impact players at every position, but we do have lots of players that can fill holes. Take linebacker, for example, where Tatupu, Koutivides, White, Lewis, Bentley, and Sharper can all play before we have to see Isaiah "Gap" Kacyven***. It's a real strength for our team and we can't forget about it.

Thank the Lord football is back!

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