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Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Thoughts: National Edition

Rafael Palmeiro has been suspended for violating the steroid-abuse policy. It's difficult to comprehend how stupid this is. Just a few short months ago he violently pointed his finger at Congress to tell off Jose Canseco. He is on the Zero Tolerance Committee. You think he'd be doing a better job monitoring what is in his body. I mean, an energy shake doesn't set this thing off. Vitamin B doesn't set this thing off. He can try and play the victim but the proof is that he has failed the test. Was Canseco telling the truth?

Joe Johnson is heading to Atlanta. I agree with Ray Ratto, welcome to obscurity. Are a few extra million dollars really worth losing year after year after year? I'm curious, because so many athletes make that decision. I don't know if I could handle it. This is a pretty big blow to the Suns, as we all saw what losing Johnson did to them against the Spurs. Now do they regret trading Quentin Richardson and Nate Robinson? You bet. Although this probably does heighten the chance of resigning Amare Stoudamire.

Hines Ward is holding out of Pittsburgh camp. I'm a Steelers fan (have been for a while), and normally side with management in these hold-outs. In the case of Ward, though, it is insane. He has been productive for years now, one of the top five receivers in the league for the past two. Yet he's paid like one of the top forty AND the Steelers are trying to fit an updated salary all in unguaranteed contract money. That's ridiculous. Pittsburgh needs to bite the bullet and take care of arguably their most valuable offensive player. He's played for cheap for some time now... pony it up.

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