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Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Thoughts: Husky Football

This is a pretty good preview of Washington, pretty balanced, with reasons why we should believe that the Dawgs can be a little bit better this year. Not bowl-bound better, but four-five wins better. I think right now (and of course we'll preview it later this month) that our defense is going to be a serious strength.

Also, Tyrone Willingham, after a pretty poor recruiting class helped along by his late hire, is quietly putting together an all-star class for next season. His latest conquest? Ferndale QB Jake Locker, rated as a top-ten national QB prospect. You have to keep the Washington kids in-state, and if Willingham can do that, and add the other top-twenty kids like he has in this future class, we may start seeing a rise to our fortunes.

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