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Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Sports Ramblings


Why in the name of all that's holy was Scott Spiezio our starting DH all weekend in place of Matt Morse? Does that make any sense whatsoever? Does it make sense that they let him hit in the 8th inning yesterday?
Does it make sense that Bucky Jacobsen has to prove himself all over again in the minors while Jamal Strong gets brought up instead? Yay! Another slap hitting outfielder!
If you can't tell by now, I'm a little irritated at the state of the Mariners right now, outside of Felix Hernandez. Irritated at not being able to see Campillo and Snelling this year. Irritated at not being able to see Bucky, Madritsch, and Soriano this year. Irritated by Betancourt's terrible at-bats. Irritated that Beltre continues to suck. Irritated that Wille Bloomquist is still getting playing time over Jose Lopez.
A trained squirrel could manage this crap better. Hopefully these boos will continue to rain down for the rest of the year to give management an idea of what we expect of the rest of the year and in the future, and Scott Spiezio is not part of it.


We lose out on a talented recruit in our area to USC. Look, Tyrone has already done an amazing job recruiting top quality prospects to UW in this coming class to a school that went 1-10 last year. 1-10. Recruits could look at us and laugh. If I had a choice between UW and USC I'd probably pick USC. As far as I'm concerned, Coach Willingham made his move convincing that QB to stick around. I'm pleased with that. I'm also pleased that apparently Casey Paus has already lost out on the starting job this year. There is a God.


I wish I could buy Frank Hughes a beer, because he perfectly encapsulated this summer for the Sonics. Losing out on James and Daniels was... SMART! We weren't going to overpay these guys, because we can replace them. Then we wait until our restricted free agents come back (and resign Potapenko, which is a great sign). It's not glamorous or sexy, but it's also smart. Look, if we refuse to be a part of the insanity which is the NBA free agent market I'm not going to complain. Now if we could only convince Tyson Chandler to accept a 7 million a year deal...


I liked what I saw out of Leroy Hill on Friday and this article hypes him up even more. If he's as good as he looks, we could have one of our better drafts in the past six-seven years (Spencer, Tatupu, Hill). Speaking of Tatupu, can't wait to see him next time out. If anything, he'll rotate a lot with Niko K (can't spell the last name so I refuse to write it). Frankly, I'm still riding a high from Friday. I can't believe how well they played. It rocked. They are better than the Arizona Cardinals, although you can't tell it from the ridiculous article turned in by John Clayton today. Orlando Huff does not equal a playmaker, John, and Bertrand Berry + Chike Okeafor does not equal 25 sacks. Any Cardinal fan that believes that obviously hasn't watched our defense recently. Way to hype up Chike's run-stuffing ability too, John. Don't think I ever saw that either. Absurd. Week Three... Week Three. Beat them 82-10 on Madden 2006 yesterday, just to teach Clayton a lesson.

Speaking of Madden 2006, that QB view thing is okay... a little too complicated. The Seahawks defense is nothing like what it should be. Cedric Woodard and Rocky Bernard are the starting defensive tackles and I saw Isaiah Kacysvenski's name in there a couple of times. I think I'm going to have to download an update pretty soon to get the proper setup. Still, they've made Marcus Trufant a stud. Against the aforementioned Cardinals (who were starting Josh McCown, because Kurt Warner had already gone down with an injury, hahahahaha) Trufant had 4 ints, 2 for touchdowns. I lack the desire to go in and change hot dog prices. A little too nerdy for my taste. The playbook is almost identical to last years, which helps the ol' learning curve. Alexander can pick up third-and-one, which is a little different from reality as well. All in all, Madden is pretty damn cool.

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