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Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Ramblings

-- I might actually go to an NHL game this season simply to see Wayne Gretzsky coach the Phoenix Coyotes. Wouldn't you? This is the greatest NHL player of all time. All time.

-- Good news: The Mariners stayed with the White Sox. Our pitchers pitched well, including Pineiro. Snelling looks awesome, and Torrealba will be an excellent veteran backstop. I really like the new look of our bullpen with George.

-- Bad news: Our hitters simply could not hit Buerhle or Garland. Betancourt needs to learn to take some pitches. I'm still waiting to see at least ONE hot streak by Jeremy Reed this season.

-- Sonics schedule is out. I guess I should be excited about that, but I'm still not over our many losses without ANY signings beyond one Rick Brunson. C'mon, Sund! Give me SOMETHING to be excited about!

-- This hasn't been mentioned on this blog yet, but Boone was let go by the Twins, meaning that he is not coming to Seattle for the upcoming series. This is too bad, because I really wanted to see Boone face King Felix. No one wants Boone, but Texas signed Sele for some odd reason. Seriously, Texas, if you don't have anyone in your farm system that is better than Sele, you are in mucho trouble. Mucho.

-- More good news out of Seahawks camp, with Pathon shining. I loved the signing at the time, and I continue to love it. He has caught the football wherever he has been, including UW. I continue to REALLY, REALLY look forward to the upcoming season. Please don't disappoint me, Seahawks!

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