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Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Ramblings - Gavin Edition

Now for what you all care about... my thoughts...

- The M's play an extremely unlucky three games in Chicago. It felt like the first few weeks of the year, when every hard hit ball went right at someone. The offense deserved more runs for the effort they put in. In that mode, though, I am still fully convinced that the White Sox are overrated. Their pitchers don't strike people out, and their offense is flat out pathetic from a contender's perspective. As Colin said, Podsednik has zero hits over a double. Pretty lame. Some of these pitching performances from us over the weekend had more to do with Chicago, I think. Boston and New York can beat this team with hitting and Oakland/Anaheim can beat them with pitching.

- Also to add to Colin, Chris Snelling looks like the real deal. In fact, if we have to make a decision to add a big bopper into the outfield lineup I would pick Snelling over Reed right now. Seriously, does Reed scare anyone? If you make a mistake he will either hit a single or a fly ball to the warning track. To me he's one of the bigger disappointments of the season (although his defense has impressed).

- Yuniesky Betancourt's at-bats irritate me. The guy isn't Vlad Guerrero. He isn't even Shea Hillenbrand. Shortstops with no power need to be a bit more patient. In fact, I would rather he go back to AAA until he learns to have at-bats more than three pitches in length.

- Jeff Harris is Ryan Franklin, part two, but without the whining. I'm hoping he sticks as our long reliever. He looks perfect for the role. Not sold on him being in the rotation this year or next... I don't know if I can take two of them.

- Piniero did have his best start in a good long time on Friday, I have to say. The jury is still way out until he does it five times in a row, but it was much better. There was velocity and the curveball was over for a strike. I don't mind solo home runs.

- Enough with the "Praise Willie Bloomquist" articles. If I remember correctly, Willie's had about four chances of playing everyday and has sucked each and every time. I still think his average goes back down and we actually get to see Morse everyday.

- Rick Brunson! Yes! Go Sonics!

- Why the heck is Damien Wilkins inviting so many suitors? Yeah, I like him quite a bit, but seriously, he was our 12th man until April. Before people start throwing 15 million at him don't they want to actually see him play regularly? Like for a season?

- I am freaking excited about the Seahawks. I mean, really excited. Excited that Sean Locklear is improving (move Womack to guard and displace Chris Gray). Excited that Tatupu (when healthy) is knocking on the starting door. Excited that Joe Jurivicius and Jerome Pathon are catching the damn ball. Excited that Jerramy Stevens is looking the role of the solid tight end (Seriously, can you imagine having a "good" Stevens and Itula Mili on the field in the red zone? Could anyone stop that?). Excited that our schedule gives us a 10-6 record fairly easily. Excited that Ken Hamlin's back. Excited that Seneca Wallace is being given a chance. Excited that Jerheme Urban could be that extra explosive wideout we are looking for. Excited that DJ Hackett could be that extra explosive wideout we are looking for. Go Hawks!

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