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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Michael Boulware = AWESOME

Listen, I'm not the biggest fan of preseason football fluff pieces. Players like D.J. Hackett and Isaiah K. do not deserve glowing reviews all the time, and training camp usually means that every player is deemed incredibly awesome.

But this is Michael Boulware. In case you forgot, he saved the game for us in New Orleans, saved the game against the Dolphins, saved the game against Minnesota, and saved the game against Tampa Bay, etc., etc., etc.

You could have made a strong case for Michael Boulware as our MVP. (Real MVP = Shaun Alexander)

So when the Times writes a story like this, I pay attention.

Listen to this:

Here's Michael Boulware after practice Monday, running extra sprints for no reason other than because he wants to, coloring his shirt with polka-dot pools of sweat.

"I can't live off what I did in the past," Boulware says.

There's Boulware in the offseason, watching tape of every game played the year before by the Seahawks' NFC West rivals. Not once, but two or three viewings per team, on tapes that contained everything except the ample highlights provided by the man himself.

"That's over and gone with," Boulware says.

And there's Boulware on July 4, home in South Carolina, washing dishes and taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn. The message: Life will not change for Boulware because of what he did last season.

"Last year is dead to me," Boulware says.

I am amazed. I love this guy. If I didn't already have a Marcus Trufant jersey, his is the jersey I would want.

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