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Monday, August 01, 2005

Mariner Trade Roundup - Success!

One has to be pretty excited over what the Mariners were able to accomplish this weekend, especially considering how slow and uneventful the trade deadline turned out to be. We entered the deadline with all of baseball knowing some truths:

1. Randy Winn was not in our long-term plans.
2. Ron Villone/Eddie Guardado needed to be dropped to save money.

Our bargaining position was strong, but not as strong as we probably would have liked to believe. Randy Winn is not an All-Star, will never be an All-Star, and plays only decent in center. There's a reason why we suck. We have a lot of bad players.

Let's take a look at these deals...

Randy Winn to SF Giants for C Yorvit Torrealba and SP Jesse Foppert
Three words: What a Coup. Randy Winn is not that great a player. He's not going to help any team out that much. To get a young catcher that at least can hit .250 and play stellar defense to bridge us a couple of years to Jeff Clement and a stud power arm was insane. Giants fans are pissed about this deal and they well should be. Foppert two years ago was their number one pitching prospect. He's now recovering from Tommy John surgery. Every pitcher recovers with most if not all of their former velocity. Why give up on him now and ship him to us? We'll take him and plug him into our rotation next year. Torrealba is nothing special offensively, but he's a tremendous upgrade from Olivo/Borders and can throw out some basestealers. Overall, a solid trade.

Miguel Olivo to SD Padres for C Miguel Ojeda and RP Nate Mateo
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... the Padres are suckers. We take some catcher who will never see significant playing time in Seattle and a reliever with pretty decent stats and unload an abysmal player with a significant upside. Maybe Olivo will regain some magic in San Diego. However, he sure wasn't going to do it here. Thank merciful heaven that we don't have to watch him flail at breaking balls anymore. Mateo is an interesting arm to get for such a player.

Ron Villone to Fl Marlins for SP Yorman Bazardo and RP Mike Flannery
For those of us who don't always pay attention to stats, but watch a lot of games, to get these prospects for Villone is amazing. Ron Villone is a weak reliever who would pitch well whenever it didn't matter. Bazardo instantly becomes one of our top pitching prospects, and is a decent breaking pitch away from becoming a solid number three starter. Flannery's star has lost some luster, but he is just a year away from being a can't miss prospect. Again, at least he's an option.

Overall, this is a solid "A" at the deadline, and would only have been better if Jamie Moyer had waived his no-trade rights. However, the trade to Houston would have included Randy Winn, which means the SF trade wouldn't have happened, so it wouldn't have been too much better.

What does all this mean? It means that Chris Snelling will play everyday. It means that George Sherrill can pitch every other day. It means that Felix Hernandez is going to be called up on Thursday. What could be better than that?

How about Aaron Sele being released today to make room for Jorge Campillo, who gets the start tomorrow in Detroit? Bam! The Crushed Optimists pitching staff is starting to form as we had hoped. Now it's still up to the kids to perform, but they can do a ton better than people like Joel Piniero, who needs to get sent to AAA. I agree with the Go-To Guy, who apparently needs to write more articles with a premise instead of all those fluff pieces, because he puts John Levesque and Steve Kelley to shame today. Piniero needs to go.

Overall, things are starting to look up. The offense generated over five runs per game in July, finally resembling what we had hoped at the beginning of the year. The pitching has been dreadful, but hopefully the addition of some of these arms will improve it.

Look forward to the next two months! Felix, Snelling, Campillo, Betancourt, Morse, et al showing the AL that we are not long for the cellar!

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At 8:41 AM, Blogger nach said...

Is it weird to take so much satisfaction from hearing Boone was released by the Twins?


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