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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Man Alive!

So I can now officially say that I was at the first game that Felix Hernandez struck out ten batters. Great seats too.

A few items to throw out there...

1. That sinking fastball cannot be overstated. 97 mph with downward movement? Have we ever seen that before? Any time a Royal got decent contact it would be a groundball. They had I think one fly ball that went deeper into the outfield. When you have Yuniesky Betancourt gobbling up every ground ball in the entire freaking infield I think this kid will be okay. Seriously, Betancourt looks like the best defensive infielder I've ever been at a game and seen. Man. If he could now only learn to take a few pitches.

2. The Royals are worse than many AAA teams. Still, would Gil Meche gotten 11 strikeouts? No, he wouldn't have lasted six. 11 strikeouts for a 19 year old.

3. ESPN sucks.

4. I'm beginning to believe that Felix was coasting in AAA, because he had little trouble with his control, except in the sixth. I was curious how he would react to sitting in the dugout for that long while we racked up runs against the Royals meager pitching staff. He definitely needed a bit to stretch out.

5. Wierdly enough, I was excited to see the seventh. Any time I can see Felix calmly work his way out of a jam is pretty cool. Two ground balls that could have been double plays (although they would have had to be fantastic plays). Only one run allowed. Again, think Gil Meche could have done that?

6. His ability to conserve pitches while striking many out is insane. The Royals were getting to the point that they knew if they didn't swing at the first two pitches they'd be down 0-2, and then they were done.

7. That's the most energy I've felt out of a Safeco crowd since Ichiro's record, and the most I've felt about a pitcher since 2001.

8. His pitches have insane movement. Insane.

9. He is now officially our stopper.

10. Gil Meche sucks.

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