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Saturday, August 27, 2005

King Felix Take 5: Absolute Disgust

Let me get something out fo the way up front. Felix had a great game. There is no way we can complain after he allowed 3 extra-base hits and 4 flyballs. It just so happened that 2 of those flyballs left the yard for all 3 runs he allowed. He was and will be fine.

He is the only reason to watch this Mariners team right now.

Take a look at the OBP of the lineup Mike Hargrove put out there last night.

Ichiro: .344 (That actually seems higher to me then I would have thought from watching him this past month. He has looked terrible at the plate recently. I would have hoped for a .350 to .360 OBP from our leadoff hitter.)
The Ignitor: .290
Ibanez: .354
Sexson: .363
Beltre: .301 (Wow, actually over .300 now! Go Beltre!)
Dobbs: .207 (ouch!)
Betancourt: .267 (at least he adds the spectacular defense, eh?)
Reed: .321
Torrealba: .331

Let's compare this to a good lineup, shall we? Let's call this team Team B.
Player 1: .352
Player 2: .316
Player 3: .322
Player 4: .320
Player 5: .341
Player 6: .387
Player 7: .320
Player 8: .318
Player 9: .343

Ibanez and Sexson are the only two Mariner players that improve on those statistics from Team B. Even Ichiro doesn't favorably compare to their leadoff hitter.

This to say that our offense as presently constituted can not consistently win. In fact, it's not even remotely watchable. King Felix is the only part of this team that makes me want to watch the Seattle Mariners. Next up would be Richie Sexson. Then Guardado. Ichiro is kinda pissing me off, so I wouldn't even put him in the top 5. Instead I would put Betancourt's defense and George Sherril in there.

How can we improve? Well, if Ichiro, Reed, and Beltre performed up to expectations, that would be a huge help right there. Unfortunately, Bloomquist, Dobbs, and Betancourt are black holes in our lineup. They make outs over 70% of the time. That's. Not. Good. Dobbs makes an out about 80% of the time. That's not just.... not good. That's. Absolutely. Terrible.

Team B?

Why, the #6 team in the AL in runs scored. (The Mariners? #12, in front of Minnesota and Kansas City)

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

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