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Saturday, August 20, 2005

King Felix Start #4

Final: Mariners 8, Twins 3

King Felix: 8 innings, 2 runs, 5 hits, 1 walk, 9 strikeouts, 115 pitches

The Good:
-- Felix's breaking ball was almost unhittable, especially the low and away curveball.

-- This was our first chance to see Felix go up against a lineup for the second time. You could see that the Twins had a better game-plan going into the game. They were supposed to work the count and key off the fastball. That quickly resulted in two runs in the 1st. However, Felix worked through that, and had a strong outing.

-- The strike zone was impossibly small, and yet Felix had 9 strikeouts. He could very easily challenge for the team strikeout lead this year, which is pathetic.

Starting Pitchers Strikeouts:
Moyer - 84 (in 24 starts)
Meche - 79 (in 25 starts and now on the DL, thank God)
Pineiro - 75 (in 22 starts)
Franklin - 71 (in 24 games, 22 starts)
Sele - 53 (in 21 starts)
King Felix - 30 (in FOUR STARTS)

The Bad:

-- Fastball control was a problem for much of the game for Felix. He didn't have the pinpoint command that had let him breeze through his last two starts. He didn't change strategy too much to go with the off-speed stuff more often. Small potatoes, of course.

-- ESPN sucks once again. BBTN shows hitting highlights, one of Felix's pitch sequences, and then Kruk talks about Doc Gooden for a couple of minutes. That's it. By the way, someone on the broadcast called Beltre a hitting bust. Ummmm, not quite. Almost, but he has recovered from a godawful beginning to be on his way to respectability. He needs more walks, as he sports a .300 OBP, but his power is coming back, with now 18 HR and 73 RBI, 2nd on the team behind Sexson.

The Hargrove:

-- 115 pitches in another 8 inning game. Read what Dave over at USSMariner had to say on this subject. Basically, this is okay for one game, but if Hargrove continues this, it's time to riot. There is NO REASON to stretch out a 19 year old in a forgotten season. If Hargrove screws this up..... words will not be able to express my rage. I'll have to make up a new word, like..... ugriwesson..... or cohtrew.

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