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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Joel? Maybe?

I am still torn about Joel Piniero's last three starts...

On the one hand, he isn't striking anyone out. This is my main problem with Ryan Franklin (that and Mr. Franklin is the owner of ZERO quality major league pitches). Not striking anyone out means you are leaving the game up to luck.

On the other hand, Joel is showing actual poise on the mound, which is nice because it's what used to really impress me about him. He's always sucked in the first, so I didn't care about that. I did care about seeing him have some quick innings. He also has been possessing a quality major league curveball the past three starts, which means he's been getting a lot more ground balls, which is good news with our defense. He's been getting ahead in the count and the hits he's giving up have generally been singles.

Overall, unless we see a higher strikeout ratio, Piniero will still be nothing better than a #4, but he could be a productive member of our rotation in that slot.

Colin: I had the same type of feeling watching the game last night. Pineiro (see that spelling, Gavin? Try it sometime) has pitched effectively three times in a row, giving us a chance to win every game. That's all one should expect from a mid-tier starter. If he can maintain that, and we don't have to overpay him, I would definitely rather keep him around. However, get rid of Meche and Franklin. They just piss me off.

Side Note: watching the game today on MLB.TV cracks me up because of all the Royals promos in between innings. How hard do they have to work to find highlights? Royals baseball: It's all about what's on the front. Like suckage.

Finally, this article from Art Thiel is brilliant. Read it.

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