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Friday, August 05, 2005

It's About Time!

Felix Hernandez made his debut yesterday and I praise the Lord for MLB.TV, which gave me the ability to watch all five innings. Suffice it to say, I was impressed, although I really don't care how he does his first five starts or so (unless he throws a complete game shutout or something), I care about what happens when hitters start to adjust to him.

Anyways, he did something yesterday that I haven't seen much of all year. Bases loaded, two outs, Ivan Rodriguez up. Felix... strikes him out. Wierd. When does that happen with our current starting five? Almost never!

Anyone who can throw 97 and then buckle the hitter's knees at 83 is special. This kid is special. Now if we can only have one pitching prospect who doesn't need Tommy John surgery.

Speaking of which, how does Jorge Campillo's injury affect our rotation for next year? I think it heightens our need to acquire starting pitching through free agency. Here's my take...

Jamie Moyer, Felix Hernandez, Bobby Madritsch, Meche/Foppert/Bazardo, Free Agent

Yes, I do think that Jamie will be brought back next year, since he is unhittable at Safeco, and we could use the veteran leadership. Bobby Livingston or even Rafael Soriano might be thrown into the mix.

Soriano and Madritsch are both throwing... would be nice to see them get some work in September.

One inning for Nageotte? Lame.

Snelling coming up today? Awesome.

Gavin's interest in the rest of the year? Heightened.

Let's sweep those White Sox.

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