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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Idiocy. The Absolute Idiocy.

Scoop Jackson is, quite honestly, an idiot.

A flaming idiot.

How else can I explain this article, where Scoop rips the media a new one for DARING to report on Randy Moss's marijuana usage, and DARING to rip Randy Moss for said smokage?

Let me get this straight.....

1. Marijuana is illegal.

2. Thousands of Americans get jail time (JAIL, SCOOP, JAIL!!!) for having marijuana.

3. Randy Moss is a professional sports athlete that, like it or not, people look up to.

4. Randy Moss smoked this illegal substance, and continues to smoke it.

And Scoop's conclusion to this sequence is to.... BLAME THE MEDIA????

Honestly, what is wrong with our culture? Is the fact that some things are just against the law LOST on some people? If Randy Moss smokes marijuana, and he was stupid enough to admit that during an interview for HBO, then the resulting backlash is HIS FAULT. Not HBO's. HIS. FAULT.

Americans seem to love to blame someone else. It is my professor's fault that I failed this class (I have personal experience with this one). It is my parent's fault that I am socially ignorant. It is Harry Potter's fault that kids, seriously, believe in magic.

Scoop? Stop it. Stop writing. Stop the blatantly racist material. Honestly.

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Not bad.


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