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Thursday, August 04, 2005

A horrible article

Both Gavin and I were astounded to read a recent article by Scoop Jackson on Scoop focused on the recent negativity surrounding Dusty Baker and the Cubs. It seems that Chicago sports writers are displeased with Baker and have started calling for his head.

Scoop's assumption: Chicago sports writers are racists.


Scoop's Main Point #1: There are no black sports writers in Chicago.

OK..... great point. Obviously racism exists.

Scoop's Main Point #2: There is only one black radio show in Chicago.

Another terrific point. Scoop would have made an excellent investigative journalist.

Scoop's Main Point #3: There is a white conspiracy to run Dusty out of town. Take this fantastic quote on where rumours of Dusty's desire to leave Chicago came from.

They come from them, Dust. They come from certain members of the 312 area-code media who quietly would like to see someone else at the helm of the organization that best reps America's national pastime. Someone who looks and acts more like them. Someone who won't make the comment: "We were brought over here to work in the heat. Isn't that history?" as you did two years ago, talking about us people.

Are you kidding me? Scoop even mentions the simple fact that Terry Francona is experiencing the SAME TYPE OF MEDIA HATRED IN BOSTON! This is the manager who just, I don't know, WON THE WORLD SERIES!! How is this different? Tell me? How is this different from Bob Melvin, who is already getting the same type of treatment in Arizona that he got in Seattle?

Scoop's Main Point #4: It's not Dusty's fault.

Now that is an actual point, if debatable. For example, one could say that the blatant overuse of Prior and Wood resulted in said injuries. One could also say that Baker wasn't the best at using his bullpen, especially after the Bartman ball started the mass suckage in the postseason.

Basically, this is a horrible article, and one that, in my opinion, demeans Scoop WAY more than the Chicago sports writers. Look at me. I'm defending Jay Mariotti! What's wrong with me?

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